MAFS’ Tamara Bailed On An Interview W/ Groom Brent Then Went Rogue & Did Her Own Savage Chat

Not sure about you guys, but my favourite MAFS tea doesn’t actually come from the show.

I myself get a mad kick out of the spicy interviews the cast partake in, particularly the radio interviews where absolutely ANYTHING goes.

And this just in: MAFS couple Brent Vitiello and Tamara Djordjevic caused quite the stir on the radio in one chaotic morning.

Brent jumped on Hit NSW Breakfast with Maz & Lakey and explained why his MAFS missus was a no-show.

“Everyone’s feedback online is really starting to rock her a little bit, but I guess it’s part of being held accountable for the certain things you do and say,” he shadily told the radio hosts.

Tamara later contradicted Brent’s suggestion that she’s basically hiding under the covers and avoiding the media by doing her own interview with Hit Network’s Jimmy & Nath and bloody rinsing her co-stars, including (read: especially) Brent.

When asked by the hosts if the rumours are true that she’s now dating Mitch Eynaud and Brent is dating Ella Ding, she responded: “Am I? That’s news to me!”

“I have seen the rumour, yes,” she added in reference to those spicy pics of Ella and Brent hitting the beach together.

She then clarified that she and Mitch live closeby on the Gold Coast and even work in the same building, but the rumours of them dating are total BS.

She then claimed that Ella and Brent have been calling paps and setting up shots for attention and fkn yikes.

“Ella and Brent did a set-up pap photoshoot together, I don’t really know why,” she added.

“Did you not see it? It’s a set-up photoshoot! You’ll have to ask them [about it], it’s quite funny.”

Tamara also alleged that Brent confessed to her that he only signed on for MAFS to boost his influencer career and said: “This is his big break! I think he just wants to be an influencer and get some free teeth.”

To Tamara’s credit, Brent said in his interview that he has “huge plans” after MAFS that don’t involve reality TV and uh, I thought the point of you being here was to ~find love~?

Ah well, enjoy your free chompers, mate.

MAFS 2022 continues tonight at 7:30pm on Nine.