MAFS’ Tamara Posted Then Swiftly Deleted A Fkn Shady Comment About Brent’s Career On TikTok

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MAFS bride Tamara Djordjevic posted then deleted a TikTok comment shading her ex-husband Brent Vitiello because their petty beef just won’t fucking end. It was beyond well done when the pair left the experiment on Monday. But here we are.

A dog account — yep, a dog account — is the scene of the MAFS couple’s latest drama. Emma runs a TikTok account for her poodle Evie. She posted a video on Tuesday that showed Brent serving birthday shots to her and her mates at a restaurant he managed in January.


Throwback to my birthday when Brent served us birthday shots! He’s way too good for Tamara 🙌 #mafs

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Tamara commented on the video. She said exactly what you expected she’d say after watching her snide comments about Brent’s career this season.

“So he does wait tables,” she said.

“Absolutely nothing wrong with waiting tables!! Just when someone fabricates their life so dramatically it gets frustrating.”

ICYMI, Brent called out Tamara at the final dinner party in Sunday night’s MAFS ep for not knowing what he does for a living eight weeks into their relationship. He said the problem wasn’t she didn’t understand what a venue manager does. The problem was that she had acted as if she didn’t care to.

And bestie really just proved she learned nothing from that chat with this shady remark. Tamara quickly deleted the comment when she started copping heat for it.

But the TikToker behind the video made a follow-up vid with the receipts. Poodle owner Emma, we thank you.


Reply to @dat.dragons.dude

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Emma clarified Brent wasn’t “waiting tables” as Tamara claimed. He brought out the shots because one of her friends paid for them as a surprise but wasn’t able to attend the party.

“Tamara absolutely thinks there’s something wrong with waiting tables… but OK,” Emma said.

“I was thinking her views were slightly manufactured for TV. But this kinda shows that she genuinely feels this way.”

People defended Brent in the comments of the second video. Some called out the passive-aggressive energy of Tammie’s “X” at the end of her comment. Others pointed out that being in front of customers was something venue managers do.

“Does she know venue managers have to make themselves present too,” said one commenter.

“[They don’t] just manage venues but let customers know who runs it and this is how they do it like WTF.”

Brent previously claimed Tamara “wanted to be the villain” on MAFS and applied for the show three times. Tamara bailed on an interview with him last week. She then went rogue and did her own savage chat.

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