Oof: MAFS’ Dom Has Apparently Lost Thousands Of Insta Followers Amidst Bad Podcast Reviews

In a fate that’s probably likely to befall most reality TV stars, it looks like Married At First Sight‘s Domenica Calarco has lost thousands of Instagram followers in the last month. And her podcast with co-star Ella Ding is copping some bad feedback too.

Calarco’s follower count was first reported by Yahoo!Lifestyle, which said she’d lost 3,990 IG followers in the last 30 days. She’s not the only MAFS celeb to see their stats drop — so did other cast members, including Brent Vitiello and Jack Millar, who lost around 3000 each.

TBH, I’m not surprised MAFS stars are seeing their followers drop given the show ended in April. Yes, time has moved that quickly!

Though it doesn’t feel like the show ended five (five!!!) months ago given how much drama continues to erupt from it. Plus the cast are prob gaining some new followers as well.

Ella (who lost 810 followers) has the biggest platform of the former MAFS stars on Insta, while Dom comes in second.

As per Yahoo though, the pair’s poddy Sit With Us is copping some backlash.

Sussing out the pod’s Apple Podcasts page, it does still have a 4.6 star rating. Nothing to be sniffed at.

But having a look at the reviews, there are criticisms of the pod lacking substance.

“Always found the girls super relatable, but the podcast has no substance really,” one reviewer said.

“One thing lately is the talk about how much everything costs… I’m going to keep listening but the money talk gives me the ick!”

Another reviewer described the pod as “nothing special, which is a bit disappointing”. Oof.

Other people had beef with the amount of ads on the pod rather than its content.

“This an OK podcast and Ella and Dom are great,” one person commented.

“But there are sooo many ads, more than any podcast I listen to, and the same ads over and over again.”

Obviously though, the pod has a load of positive reviews too.

“The realest MAFS girls. Highly recommend,” one user said.

According to the podcast’s Insta, it also hit one million downloads this week.

The fans are clearly still fanning and downloading the pod so you know, I doubt Ella and Dom have much to worry about there.