Apparently The MAFS Bosses Issued A Warning To The Cast Before Giving Them Their Instas Back

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

As you will have noticed from the abject CHAOS going down on social media, the MAFS 2022 contestants officially have their Instagram accounts back.

It’s a blessed moment that we’ve been gleefully anticipating for some time, but apparently the powers that be at MAFS don’t quite feel the same.

A sneaky source close to production told Yahoo Lifestyle that the cast were issued a stern “warning” before being handed their accounts back.

Apparently they were advised to “move on” from the show and refrain from causing drama online.

Not exactly sure what the warning entailed, but here’s what the source had to say…

“Since the finale aired, the cast has essentially divided in two, with each side leaking stories and taking swipes at the other in the media to try and come out on top,” the insider spilled.

“It’s all become very childish, and [the MAFS bosses] worry that now they’ve all got their accounts back they’ll use them to stir drama and try to tear each other down even more. The cast have essentially been told to just move on and focus on their future instead.”

If I were them, I’d put my time and energy into kickstarting a lucrative influencer career and rake in those dollar dollar bills rather than picking fights online, but that’s just me!

An anonymous contestant previously told Daily Mail Australia that the two most-followed MAFS 2022 contestants, Ella Ding and Domenica Calarco can expect to earn around $5500 for a single sponsored post. Martha K, eat your heart out!

Domenica walked away from this season as the most-followed MAFS 2022 star.

When the season kicked off, your girl had 12.6k followers and she now has 353k followers. Onya, bb!

We recently pulled together a ranking of which contestants copped the most followers and which ones have no hope in hell of launching an influencer career and the findings were verrrrrry interesting.