WTAF: MAFS’ Olivia Says She’s Offended By Dom’s ‘My Body, My Choice’ Shirts & Mate, Take A Walk

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

MAFS villain Olivia Frazer has slammed those viral t-shirts her rival Domenica Calarco is spruiking online. Why am I not surprised by this?

ICYMI: Dom held a MAFS finale viewing party where she and her co-stars wore t-shirts emblazoned with the words “My body, my choice” in response to the photo leaking incident.

The t-shirts are available for purchase online, in collaboration with reality telly podcast So Dramatic!.

Olivia has broken her silence on the tees, telling The Wash that she reckons the messaging is problematic and I’m sorry, what?

“I one hundred per cent think they’re taking a very poignant advocacy [slogan] for women’s rights, sexuality and things like that,” she said.

“They’re twisting it to suit them, rather than make a point.”

She went on to call out Domenica over her finale viewing party, which included posters that read: “We don’t serve Olivias.”

“That was very mean… [It] just felt like a big ‘I hate Olivia party’.”

Domenica recently denied that the party was aimed as a fuck you to Olivia.

The shady sis took to Facebook to slam fans who suggested the party’s intent was to get back at Olivia.

“If people think this was a hate party for anyone, you’re delusional,” she wrote.

“I was having an end-of-MAFS party with all of my family and friends.”

She went on to write that “after so much has happened this whole scenario still triggers me and makes me upset which you can clearly see.

“I’ve owned all my wrongdoings, apologised, now I’m moving on, and went out with a bang.”

The season definitely went out with a bang, I’ll give her that!