MAFS’ Domenica Has Responded To Claims She Threw An ‘I Hate Olivia’ Party In A Spicy FB Comment

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Fan fave Domenica Calarco threw quite a lush viewing party to celebrate the epic conclusion of MAFS 2022.

The event was heavily documented on social and included a bunch of notable guests including some (but not all) of this year’s MAFS contestants and members of the media such as So Dramatic!’s Megan Pustetto.

Dom hosted the party at her own home, where she set up a tent outside for her guests to gather and watch the two-part reunion.

Among the MAFS-themed paraphernalia were some savage fuck yous aimed at Dom’s bitter rival Olivia Frazer.

She had local artist Allfrey paint a gorgeous mural of her in which she appeared topless, with text that read: “My Body, My Choice, Bitch!!” which was an obvious hit at Olivia’s gross actions.

Also the caterers were strictly instructed not to serve anyone by the name of Olivia.

There was even a sign which featured a pic of Olivia with a cross over her face:

At one point during the evening, Dom was filmed flipping the bird at the screen when Olivia appeared:

Not saying Dom’s furore wasn’t justified, it absolutely, 1000% was, but this is definitely an “I hate Olivia” party, no?

Well, Dom is insisting that it was not!

The shady sis took to Facebook to slam fans who suggested the party’s intent was to get back at Olivia.

“If people think this was a hate party for anyone, you’re delusional,” she wrote.

“I was having an end-of-MAFS party with all of my family and friends.”

She went on to write that “after so much has happened this whole scenario still triggers me and makes me upset which you can clearly see.

“I’ve owned all my wrongdoings, apologised, now I’m moving on, and went out with a bang.”

Welp, here’s hoping for the sake of both gals that this is the last time they’ll ever be connected… although I’m not that naive.