MAFS’ Hugo Has Demolished Wife Tayla In The Cursed Ranking Task & Thank Fk For That

Married At First Sight (MAFS) producers have caused chaos with Hugo and Tayla after making them do the cursed ranking task.

ICYMI, the experts made Hugo and Tayla complete the ranking task together, whereby they have to rank their fellow brides and grooms in order of attractiveness.

Surely, any normal human being with a beating heart would race to put their partner on top of the pyramid because that is the only acceptable way to complete this task. Well, apparently not!

Tayla went in on her fellow MAFS grooms, not even realising her own husband was in the photo pile at the beginning of the ‘game’.

Tayla seemed to ponder every single groom (except her own husband) in some pretty intense detail. Putting Cam first – no surprise – Bunnings Daddy AKA Harrison second, and Jesse last becuase he has “serial killer vibes.”

Harrison copping a spot in the top 3 isn’t surprising and maybe they are perfect for each other TBH.

After ranking literally every other bloke on the show, Tayla is left with Hugo’s piccie. And she ponders her decision a bit much for me TBH.

Luckily for Hugo, Tayla did say she was attracted to his height in an on screen interview with the producers and a win’s a win I guess??

Hugo is also visibly shitting bricks whilst Tayla takes her sweet time deciding on his final place in the hot husband rankings.

Tayla finally puts the poor dude out of his misery, giving him what can only be described as a pity place in the top spot. But not even Hugo was really buying it.

Finally, after an Oscar worthy performance from Tayla where she put the man she has said she doesnt find attractive in the top spot on the attractive pyramid, it’s Hugo’s turn.

Hugo seemed to be a bit confused by the challenge, ranking the wives personalities as well as their looks and well…we all know where this is going.

Tayla is pretty confident she’ll get top spot but Hugo has other ideas after one too many long nights left alone on the couch.

Hugo tells Tayla he wants to put her first, but then asks if she deserves the top spot after how she’s been treating him and go off king!

Totally missing the aim of the task, Hugo tells Tayla it’s not just about looks. Which might be true in life but isn’t true for the coveted MAFS ranking.

Hugo puts Tayla back in her place giving her second last! Second last! Can you believe?

Post MAFS ranking task, Tayla resumes her spot on the couch AKA Hugo’s bed with a no doubt pretty bruised ego.

I don’t know about you, but I’m dying for tomorrow’s ep to see if Hugo gets his bed back or if he finally gets a go in the actual bed the couple are meant to be sharing.