LOL: Disgruntled MAFS’ Fan Allegedly Threatens To Throw Shit At Dan & Harrison At The Sydney Easter Show

MAFS season might be done and dusted, but luckily for us, the shit show (uh, literally) is still keeping to its regular programming. This time, it’s with a little Easter twist.

The latest tea comes from Sydney’s Royal Easter Show, where MAFS dickbags Harrison Boon and Dan Hunjas were gathering for a reunion with castmates, courtesy of the Kyle & Jackie O Show.

But according to a producer on the show, they didn’t even make it through the entry gates before they started copping a bunch of abuse. Brb, retrieving the teeniest, tiniest violin I can find.

As the two were walking down the street, they were allegedly approached by a woman who stopped them and screamed in their faces the most eloquent phrase I’ve read today: “Oi! You’re a c**t!”. Slay, sis.

It’s honestly icon behaviour.

Harrison, one for quick and witty comebacks, responded to her. “We’re actually the nice guys this year! That’s just how good the editing is.”

Slow clap.

After the encounter, the two spoke with the show and enlightened the audience with their incredibly on-brand thoughts.

“Was that directed at me or Harrison?”, Dan joked. “It takes one to know one, doesn’t it?”

“That’s the first time I’ve ever come across a Karen in the flesh.” Lovely. Pause for applause.

But make no mistake, the people of Olympic Park weren’t done with them just yet. As they proceeded through the show, yet another woman approached the pair, but this time, with some pretty… creative threats.

“Oi! I’ve been told to throw some cow shit at you,” she said.

A woman with creativity!

This wild threat isn’t exactly surprising, especially when you consider the heated reaction to their on-screen antics.

Harrison was criticised by many for manipulative and controlling behaviour, especially towards his on-screen wife, Bronte.

Dan also famously made headlines for his overall shitty treatment of Sandy, as well as that whole dating another woman while the show was airing thing. Yikes.

According to the producer on the Kyle and Jackie O’s Show, the poop patroller suddenly changed up her tune once she realised she was on air, praising Dan for being “really lovely”.

Here’s hoping it’s just an elaborate ploy to gain his trust before the cow shit strikes.