Fishy-As-Fuck Dan Is Now Claiming He & Sandy Had A Secret Plan To Make It To The MAFS Finale

MAFS Dan Hunjas sandy jawanda

It’s been barely 24 hours since Dan Hunjas left the MAFS 2023 experiment (in television time, at least) but the villainous husband is already making some wild claims about his MAFS wife, Sandy Jawanda.

Jumping onto the Fitzy & Wippa show this morning, Dan told the radio hosts that Sandy proposed a “secret arrangement” that would see the pair ride out the MAFS experiment together — even if they didn’t see a romantic future in store for them.

Image: Channel Nine

Dan told the radio program:

“It was only when Sandy came to me with a secret arrangement that she’s like, ‘I’m not your person Dan, you’re not my person. I’ve given up too much to be here. Let’s just set up a secret arrangement to get through to the end, because I’ve given up too much to be here’ that I agreed to that.”

Dan claimed it was because of this agreement that he left the Skye Suites for hours at a time.

“And at that point in time, I’m like, okay, cool. Well, in non-filming time, I’m gonna do what Dan loves doing best, which is go to the beach and hang out the outdoors and that kind of thing. And that’s the difference, and I think that’s more than okay.”

Basically, he’s saying that his relationship with Sandy was fake. But Dan’s relationship with the ocean? As pure and deep as it gets, my friends.

He also claimed that it was only after this arrangement was made that he started disappearing for hours on end, but at no point before.

MAFS Dan Hunjas
Image: Channel Nine

“If we have a look at the entire six weeks that I was on the show, it was that last week where that [Dan being absent] was brought up,” he told Fitzy & Wippa.

“For the previous weeks beforehand, I was inside the experiment, inside the apartment. I was there with Sandy doing all of the tasks and that kind of thing.”

I definitely have a lot of questions:

  • Did this “arrangement” happen before or after they had sex?
  • Why was Sandy so upset if it was just an arrangement?
  • Why would Dan and Sandy both choose to leave if the idea was to see it through to the end?

As you would’ve seen over the past week, Dan quickly went from nice guy to superficial turd as he began accusing Sandy of spending increased amounts of time on the couch while he was in “beast-mode”.


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Now I don’t speak fluent wanker, but I believe “beast mode” to be an in-the-zone feeling while at the gym or going for a run. Happy to be wrong.

Anyway, Dan continued to smash Sandy’s confidence by whipping out photos of his ex-girlfriends and showing them off to the boys at a night out at Sydney’s Opera Bar — all of this within the same week they had sex for the first time, mind you.


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The pair both chose to leave the MAFS experiment on Sunday night’s episode, with Sandy breaking down in tears because she has started to develop feelings for this man who has a knack for berating her.

Image: Channel Nine

She was also upset because of how she went against her Indian-Punjabi parents to go on this show, and how her dad’s fears of Sandy being disrespected were realised.

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