Married At First Sight 2024 Has Dropped Another Chaotic Teaser Featuring A Bride & I’m Obsessed

Clutch onto your veils because we’ve just copped another sneak peek of our first wedding for Married At First Sight (MAFS) 2024 and it’s looking like a hot mess. I MUST WATCH.

One of the best things about the new year is knowing that we will be treated to another round of the painfully good reality TV show MAFS. Although we’re still reeling from the toxicity of Harrisson Boon and that whole cluster fuck, Channel Nine is already gearing up to introduce a new batch of brides and grooms who are willing to get ~ married at first sight ~ on national TV for our entertainment.

On Tuesday, Daddy Nine blessed us with a sneak peek of our first wedding of the 2024 season. Fans also caught a glimpse of one of the new brides.

Behold the madness below.

How’s that for a sneak peek? Chaos served with a side of anarchy, my favourite reality TV dish.

In the cheeky teaser for MAFS Season 11, we meet our first bride, 43-year-old Lucinda, who has come to the experiment prepared with a long-ass scroll with all the things she’s looking for in a man. It’s like the anti-ick list, a la Season 10’s Jesse Burford.

As she reveals her anti-ick list to MAFS expert John Aiken — who I’ve just found out was a former cricketer???? — Lucinda revealed she wants a partner who’s “confident, generous of spirit, knows himself, evolutional life”. Okay, good luck finding that on here.

The trailer then skipped to Lucinda’s big day, and let’s just say her vows were saucy. Although we don’t get to see who she will be married to, we do get to see pure chaos. Unfortunately for this bride, her wedding is seemingly rocked by an unprecedented storm which caused all the guests to run for cover.

However, the shitty weather will NOT be raining on Lucinda’s parade, as she goes on to say that she “thinks [the wedding] is better” than what it could be.

OFC, it’s only a trailer, so it’s unclear if this was said before or after the storm.

So far, Lucinda is the only 2024 contestant to have received the solo teaser treatment, BUT a bunch of our brides and grooms were featured in a cheeky teaser late last year.

This year’s season is rumoured to be bringing back a same-sex couple and it will be featuring our oldest groom yet. We will also be watching Season Nine’s Mitch Eynaud‘s brother, Jayden, get hitched on the reality TV show. Fingers crossed he’s more lucky than Mitch when it comes to love.

Married At First Sight will premier on Monday, January 29 on Channel Nine and 9Now.

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