YES: MAFS Queen Dom’s Reportedly Been Offered Big Bucks To Appear On The Next Celeb Apprentice


It seems MAFS 2022 legend Domenica Calarco has landed another reality TV role just a few months after the chaotic ending to Married At First Sight.

Yahoo Lifestyle reports Dom was “offered” the gig on the next season of Channel Nine’s Celebrity Apprentice, which feels very on-brand for our queen.

I mean, we already know she’s a boss binch making her own sweet OnlyFans coin, much to hypocrite Olivia Frazer‘s — who is now on OnlyFans herself — apparent displeasure.

Dom also recently launched a podcast with her MAFS mate Ella Ding, so somehow we think Dom will absolutely dominate at Celebrity Apprentice. The smarts! The sass! The business knowledge! We’re here for it.

It’s all just rumours at the moment, so we’ll hang out for the moment Channel Nine confirms it.

It makes sense — we’ve already seen former MAFS brides Martha Kalifatidis and Beck Zemek take a run at the show. And according to Yahoo Lifestyle, Channel Nine “is desperate to keep her with the network” as Dom is “arguably the most popular participant to ever come off Married At First Sight.”

It’s true, once MAFS 2022 wrapped Dom had easily racked up the most amount of Instagram followers out of all the cast. Thanks to her ongoing beef with Olivia, Dom has the support of the nation behind her so if she wants to rule reality TV, she should strike while the iron is hot.

Yahoo Lifestyle reckons the network is “willing to throw some big money at her to get her to sign for Celebrity Apprentice as they know her huge following will bring in ratings.” Smart.

If it doesn’t work out on Celeb Apprentice, there are plenty of other shows on offer too. If she’s really not with her MAFS groom Jack Millar post-show, then maybe she should head up the next Bachelorette? Looks like Channel 10 will have to fight Nine for Dom if they want her…