MAFS Fans Are Putting Their Tissues Out For Alleged Queen Alyssa After She Took A Dump In The Woods

Alyssa walking away from Duncan in the forest after he dumped her in the MAFS final vows. Tweet overlaid which reads: “Thank you for your words” that’s a man just about to rip a girl’s heart out

Finally, after what seems like 84 years, the powers that be have given us the MAFS moment we’ve all been fanging for: Duncan dumping Alyssa at the final vows.

Peace has been restored. My skin has cleared. My dead plants have come back to life. Life is good.

Alyssa got the ball rolling by telling Duncan she wanted to help him grow and change, and also that she wanted to fight for their relationship.

The gal wasn’t ready to give up but, sadly, the good people of Twitter had already thrown their towel in the ring. They were done. Stick a fork in them.

It would also appear that Duncan was well and truly over it ‘cos after Alyssa finished delivering her thoughts and feelings, he replied: “Thank you for your words.”

I screamed. That’s absolutely what you say to someone who gave a mid eulogy at the funeral of a family member who everyone secretly despised.

Folks knew exactly what was about to transpire after Duncan uttered those five words. And they were frothing it.

As a side note, Twitter thought the whole forest dumping situation felt like yet another instalment of The Blair Witch Project. Equally as spooky, but without the death, supernatural horror, amateur filmmaking and so on and so forth.

Duncan delivered The Dump™ (of Alyssa, not a poo) and the girl started crying. As you would, if you just got rejected on national television by objectively the hottest man to ever appear on any Australian reality dating show.

With a completely straight face, Duncan offered her a tissue and everyone agreed that the comedic timing was superb. Impeccable. Someone get this man his own Netflix comedy special immediately.

Some folks were even putting their tissues out for Alyssa in solidarity. Gone but not forgotten.

After rejecting a snot rag, Alyssa stormed off into the forest and declared that Duncan was looking for a princess.

“But I’m not a princess. I’m a queen,” she announced, which absolutely sounds like something that Camilla, Queen Consort said to King Charles before ol’ mate Liz carked it.

Folks agreed that it was deeply funny, and even a little bit iconic. Someone also get Alyssa her own Netflix comedy special ASAP.

More final vows tomorrow night! Can’t wait! But first, you must read our recap on tonight’s proceedings.

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