We Are All Brad After Copping A Squiz At MAFS’ Resident Dreamboat Duncan

MAFS Duncan getting married in a suit and Man Of Honour Brad pulling a shocked face in a white suit. Tweet overlaid which reads: Is it a red flag that Duncan isn’t giving any red flags? I’m so suspicious and I trust no one

It has been a ‘yuge week of television (The Bachelors finale! A MAFS premiere!) and the reality telly gods decided to thank us for our services by blessing us with the most beautiful groom ever: Duncan.

He’s insanely hot. Like, he is literally so handsome. Has MAFS ever had such a hunky groom on the show? I would move to Sydney’s Northern Beaches in a heartbeat if it meant being whisked away by Duncan on his motorcycle.

I’ve had a piercing headache all day and didn’t have the strength to muster a scream, but I was going feral within the confines of my mind. The internet was rabid. And Brad, Alyssa‘s lovely Man Of Honour, was horny.

When Brad saw Duncan, he said he wished he could hightail it up to the altar and marry the bloke because he’s so gosh darn attractive with a jawline so sharp it could cut bread.

It was in that moment that MAFS fans across the nation were all Brad.

As if his gorgeous visage wasn’t enough, Duncan also seemed normal (if not slightly dull). He didn’t say anything offensive or icky in his vows. He said he was “looking forward” to being added to Alyssa’s family chat, which was most likely a lie because no one wants to be privy to the group chat they share with their family, let alone that of their in-laws’. But still, he was respectful and considerate and kind.

The good people of Twitter, who at this point had to be sprayed with the hose, noticed this. And it made them … suspicious.

Is this man too good to be true? Why does he have so few terrible qualities? Will he break hearts across the nation — not to mention that of the gorgeous Alyssa — by revealing himself to be a dickhead?

We are tentatively positive. As we know, things can change so quickly on MAFS, so we can’t lose sight of ourselves. But for now, let us bask in the positive and radiant glow of the unfairly attractive couple, Duncan and Alyssa.

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