The Internet Would Like MAFS’ Harrison & Alyssa To Meet Their Long-Lost Friend Called Kettle

MAFS Alyssa staring blankly and Harrison mid-speech with a tweet overlaid which reads: "Too many words coming from an actual self-confessed cheater tonight tbh"

Hooly dooly that MAFS dinner party was a bit much, wasn’t it?

On the menu was the cheating scandal between Claire and Adam, which was expected. What was a little bit rogue, however, was that Alyssa and Harrison went gung-ho with the lectures, considering neither of them have been angels.

Harrison has been … you know … Harrison. The king of gaslighting, emotional manipulation, taking girl’s numbers on nights out and dating other people mere days before going on MAFS.

Meanwhile Alyssa admitted to Duncan that she was complicit in an affair and slept with a bloke for six months knowing he was married.

I know people can change and I’m not dismissing that, but there’s also a level of self-awareness which is required, you know? The good people of Twitter had my back on this one, as they always do.

The dinner party started with Alyssa claiming she was going to ignore the shit out of Claire and “stab a bitch” with the chopsticks Janelle was rocking in her hair.

The internet thought she was being a tad hypocritical and saying a wee bit too much considering her past behaviour.

When Claire entered the room, Alyssa made a v. obvious point of blanking her, as she promised she would do. Obviously Claire hasn’t been a peach, but the internet thought it was sort of giving Year 9 cattiness.

As for fkn Harrison, the bloke started dishing out relationship advice and holding Adam to account. That’s not to say the shitbag shouldn’t be scrutinised — but by Harrison? HIM? Not on Twitter’s watch.

Folks were literally pointing out that it was the pot calling the kettle black. Hopefully the pair can meet one day!

It was all very odd and I didn’t know how to feel. At least there’s a good four days to decompress until the MAFS Commitment Ceremony on Sunday which, judging by the preview, looks like it’s going to be a bit bloomin’ heated.

If you want to catch up on the rest of the drama which went down tonight, look no further than our gorgeous lil’ recap. See you on Sunday!

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