MAFS Outfits 2024: All The Good, Bad & WTF Looks From Season 11’s Cast

mafs outfits 2024

Married At First Sight 2024 hasn’t only delivered on the D-R-A-M-A this season — it’s delivered some exceptional (and some eyebrow-raising) outfits as well.

From dinner parties to weddings and Commitment Ceremonies, there was no shortage of opportunities for the Season 11 cast to dress up.

In no particular order, let’s dissect the bad, the rad and the confusing from MAFS 2024’s wardrobe choices.

The most memorable MAFS wedding dresses 2024

mafs outfits 2024

Ah, remember when we first met Lucinda Light? I knew from this white lace get-up that Lucinda was going to be an absolute icon and she has proved that status every minute she has been on our television screens since.

This gown could be all yours for just $12,000 from Simone Ellis, sacrificial chicken not included.
mafs outfits 2024

Ah, who could forget when Lauren forgot half of her dress! Just kidding. She looked phenomenal and very far-shun even if the wedding dress was a choice. I’m just glad she didn’t get any fake tan on it TBF.

The most memorable MAFS dinner party outfits

Jayden took the most risks out of all the MAFS grooms in the fashion department for Season 11. This reminds me of a curtain or a tablecloth and that’s all I’m going to say about it.

mafs outfits 2024

Say what you want but Sara‘s Christopher Ebser dress was a moment. I don’t trust anything the way Sara trusts this dress to keep her bits in place but power to her. She looks hot as hell.

The dress is currently sold out but available secondhand or for hire at select stores.

It’s available in purple for $995 here.

mafs outfits 2024

Well, look at that! The dress is so dang hot, two MAFS brides wore it! Or, at least a version of it.

The Christopher Esber dress is available for $895 here.

Cassandra looked so amazing in these printed dresses by Rat & Boa — a brand so on-point I’m happy she wore them twice.

I remember being wowed when she wore the blue ($405), but I also feel like the multicoloured floral dress ($350) was so fitting for her positive personality.

mafs outfits 2024

This floral look was so memorable from Lucinda — it was the dress she kissed Timothy for the first time in, after saying she felt like “spring” and as if she was entering a new era. Wholesome!

Power to Eden for squeezing a matching suit out of Jayden throughout the 2024 season. I need to know more. Was it a coincidence? Was there a Tarocash nearby that he rushed down to so he could match her?

I digress. Eden looks stunning in the Natalie Rolt gown and Jayden suits the tone too, I just wish his ankles weren’t out and about as usual.

mafs outfits 2024

Anyone who can wear black lace and not look like they’re attending a funeral deserves fashion points.

You can buy Sara’s ACINA ORI dress for $320 here.

From the eye makeup to the gold necklace and textured red dress, Jade was absolutely giving Katniss Everdeen’s The Hunger Games debut at The Capitol. Fire.

Lucinda as a floral frill-neck Lizard was up there as one of my favourite Lucindas.

Funnily enough, I always remember an episode by what she’s wearing — it was this night that she defended Timothy to the group and showed her loyalty ahead of the MAFS Couples Retreat.

I love this colour on Eden but can someone who is fashionable please tell me why groin tails are a thing? I wouldn’t trust myself going to the toilet.

If you’re a together person, unlike me, you can buy this Christopher Esber piece for $1,300.

mafs outfits 2024

This look could’ve been such a snooze for Cassandra but the feathers around the chest line made it a hit without it being too full-on.

I wonder if Lauren intended on wearing her feathery frock earlier but Cassandra pulled hers out first? Anyway, love Lauren’s pink mini version — in this tone it’s very much giving Austin Powers fembot.

mafs outfits 2024

I couldn’t find this online but I have a feeling it was from the Palazzo Versace gift shop’s closing down sale. It’s so Gold Coast that it hurts me to look at.

One night that stood out to me for Tori this season was the final MAFS dinner party. She’d kept her hair and makeup quite simple before this night and I thought this beauty look for her felt feminine and beautiful with her Effie Kats dress ($369).

mafs outfits 2024

Sara’s Bec & Bridge dress during MAFS Episode 32 was giving Barbie and I was here for it, mainly because she committed to the bit with the side-fringe and half-up pony.

Buy the dress for $350 here.

Other MAFS outfits worn during 2024 filming

Eden was super noughties fashion come MAFS Home Stays with these platform thongs and diagonally-hemmed skirt. It’s very salsa-dancing emoji and even though I wouldn’t necessarily wear it, you can’t deny she looks cute as fuck. I’d like to see a bit of denim in there but also, I know shit all about fashion.

The With Jean top is $149 here.

mafs outfits 2024

I fuck hard with this Zara set. It’s giving PR mogul who isn’t phased if she gets your business or not.

I couldn’t get through an entire fashion piece without talking about Jack’s bib collection. This one from Under Armour ($49.99) appears to look like a regular singlet online but I’m all for wearing things “your way”.

Plus, I feel like at this point I’m on a friendship basis with Jack’s nipples.

The best MAFS Commitment Ceremony outfits

Lucinda’s fur jacket was the most iconic piece of the season — I’m calling it. Whenever it came on — including when she broke up with Timothy in MAFS Episode 30 — I knew she meant business. Mob wife aesthetic suits her and it’s a fitting piece for an icon herself.

She wore it throughout Commitment Ceremonies, dinner parties and more.

As expected, the coat is sold out.

I am well aware that Eden is featured predominately throughout this but the girl was serving this season.

The Isabelle Quinn blazer and pants are vvvvv low in stock, sadly! Can’t imagine why.

The best T-shirt of the entire 2024 MAFS season has to go to Michael. Although he wasn’t on the show long, he’ll be remembered thanks to this Real Housewives meme choice.

Yes, another Eden moment but I simply could not finish without featuring this head-to-toe denim look. OBSESSED.

I can’t wait to see what the MAFS cast will be tagging once they’ve got their Instagrams back. Who’s doing the collection with Showpo? Who’ll be invited to the Logies and who will they wear? Sometimes I think the period after the show is even better than MAFS itself.

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