MAFS Fans Turn Team Tori For One Second After Jack Failed To Defend Her During That Brutal Chat

Just when we thought Married At First Sight‘s (MAFS) Jack could not get any more icky, he has managed to add another ick to the list. What could it be? The way he didn’t defend Tori on Tuesday night’s episode. Unfortunately, we’re not surprised.

Look. I’m not going to sit here and act like I’m all team Tori all of a sudden — because I do have my opinions about her — but I truly felt sorry for the reality TV bride on Tuesday night’s episode.

For folks who are simply here for the tea, MAFS has reached the Homestays part of the experiment. For Jack and Tori, the Melburnian decided to spend some time in her husband’s world in the sunny state of Queensland.

During the pair’s homestay, the controversial pair met up with Jack’s clients — the same ones who attended their wedding at the start of the season — to debrief all things MAFS.

Although this time is usually for the friends and/or family to catch up on the pair’s progression as one unit, one of Jack’s clients Lizz decided to go guns blazing by interrogating Tori and her whole identity.

(Image source: Nine / MAFS)

But before that even happened, Jack said in a confessional that he was keen for Tori to cop some heat so he could “see how she handles the pressure” while he “sits back and [has] a drink”. Mmmm not very husbanny of you, Mister Jack.

The Tori interrogation began when the topic of their lack of physical intimacy surfaced. Speaking to producers, Lizz said that she didn’t want her personal trainer (Jack BTW) to “settle” and when she heard that they hadn’t bumped uglies yet, she jokingly said: “You don’t buy a pair of shoes without trying”.

The conversation — which was basically an interview — then moved onto Tori’s identity, where she said she was “one of the boys”. In response, Lizz brutally ripped into her saying that label was a “red flag” and it reminded her of gals who have rooted everyone in their friend group.

If looks could kill. (Image source: Nine / MAFS)

Later on, Jack’s closest client went on to say that she’s not a fan of Tori and told the reality TV bride she got the impression she was “basic”.

“Anyone that makes their coffee order their personality is my kind of person,” she said, before taking aim at Melburnians for their love of coffee.

However, what threw me off the most was definitely when Lizz said she was worried that the pair were forcing their relationship because Tori has been “single for a while” and “Jack’s got a six-pack”. UMMM WHAT?

A six-pack for his six brain cells I see.

Throughout the whole Tori roast, Jack does NOT say anything to defend his wife at all. Tori was out there raw dogging the insults, the poor thing.

The only thing he said was, “Maybe we could be friends at the end of this,” after Tori was dragged.

Earlier in the season, Tori’s iconic friend Lea visited the controversial couple in their Skye Suite. Although she came down hard on the groom — especially for that fucked muzzle comment — she did not grill Jack as Lizz did to Tori.

If anything, it was a light simmer.

Also, Tori defended her husband during that ordeal!! Jack was sitting back in that conversation, just like in Homestays.

Of course, with the brutal dragging of Tori, MAFS fans have lots to say about that difficult situation.

Here are some of the best reactions to Tori and Lizz’s heated interaction on Married At First Sight

Again, I am not a big Tori fan, but that was definitely a hard watch.

If anything, Lizz should’ve dragged her for being silent after that muzzle comment as well as her behaviour around Timothy and Cassandra.

Image source: Nine / MAFS