MAFS Fans Are Left Reeling Over Cassandra & Tristan’s Brutal Moment At The Commitment Ceremony

Married At First Sight (MAFS) fans are collectively reeling from Cassandra and Tristan‘s brutal conversation during this week’s Commitment Ceremony. It’s a big yeouch from me TBH!

Cassandra and Tristan are definitely one of the more wholesome couples on the show. The pair don’t bicker, poke fun at the other couples or compare themselves to their peers. I think that’s what makes them so refreshing to watch.

However, it is known that the pair have kinda struggled with expanding their feelings beyond a friendship level.

Well, things got a little bit awkies for the couple on Sunday night’s episode when Tristan shared that he’d declared his feelings of love for his MAFS wife. However, when talking to producers, Cassandra revealed that she didn’t feel the same way.

Unfortunately, things reached an awkward boiling point between the pair on the Commitment Couch, where Tristan talked about how he was falling for his bride. But, he was then completely shut down and blindsided when Cassandra said that she didn’t reciprocate the same love for her reality TV hubby.

You could physically see Tristan’s heart shatter into a million tiny pieces. It was honestly so awful. Not as awful as Sara and her cheating scandal, but it was just a different type of awful.

(Image source: Nine)

Look, in nerd terms, I would describe it as that one Pokémon episode where Ash Ketchum’s Butterfree wanted to find a mate, but he got rejected. IYKYK.

Things got even more awkward — chuck a dollar in a jar for every time I write “awkward”, ‘cos I’ll tell you now IT WAS AWKWARD — when Tristan obviously wrote “stay” and Cassandra wrote, “leave”. And as MAFS rules go, if one person writes stay, the pair must stay until the next week.

Following this cringe-worthy, heart-sinking, awkward exchange, many folks took to X to share how they truly felt about Cassandra and Tristan’s time on the Commitment Couch. Some vouched for Tristan, or Cassandra, whilst others slammed the bride for not being upfront about her feelings before the Commitment Ceremony.

Here are some of the reactions to Cassandra and Tristan’s time at the Married At First Sight Commitment Ceremony

Honestly, I just hope Tristan at least gets to keep his friendship with Timothy post-reality TV.

If not, I will riot!!!