MAFS 2025 Applications Are Open If You’re A Masochist Who Loves A Paid Partnership

mafs 2025 applications

If you’re watching this season of Married At First Sight thinking, “Wow, I too would like to risk my reputation for 50-100K followers or an acting career“, then you’re in luck because MAFS applications for 2025 are open.

I know, I know, we’re only a couple of weeks into MAFS Season 11. But reality TV does not sleep! And it’s probably down season for Skye Suites so MAFS producers need to stick to the timeline and all that.

Also, after Jack Dunkley‘s behaviour in MAFS Episode 16, I’m ready to forget all about the 2024 cast and think to the future instead.

Anyway, let’s see if you’ve got what it takes to be of MAFS 2025, shall we?

When do MAFS 2025 Applications open?

Now, it seems!

Reality TV casting platform Cast It Reach has a registration page available for MAFS Season 12 right now.

The page states it is “searching for men and women who are genuinely committed to finding love.”

If you’re keen to apply for MAFS 2025, you can do so here.

mafs application process 2025
Me already excited for the disappointment of Season 12’s “love stories”. (Image: Nine).

How to apply for MAFS

The MAFS Season 12 registration page asks that applicants are able to commit four months of their life to the experiment, from late July to November, 2024. You also need to be 25 or over.

I imagine you also need to be single, but going off past seasons, I couldn’t be too sure.

According to the Terms & Conditions when applying for MAFS, you need to be an Australian citizen or a permanent resident for at last two years at the time of applying.

You also can’t have been an employee of Nine or their affiliates in the last two years, so I’m out! Oh, you can’t be a robot, so I’m not sure how Jono made it to the Season 11 cast.

Obviously there’s a bunch of other fine writing involved, but that’s why there’s contracts, people! You can punish your eyes and brains with that by clicking into the Terms & Conditions hyperlink if you wish to apply for MAFS 2025.

mafs 2025 application
Me after reading the Terms & Conditions. (Image: Nine).

What is the MAFS application process like?

There’s plenty of mystery surrounding the application processes for reality television — especially our favourite batshit love-finding mission Married At First Sight.

Thankfully, a TikToker who was just inches away from becoming a bride on MAFS 2024 spilled what she had to go through to be seriously considered on the show. And — to make things more juicy — she even revealed that she’d been on a date with one of the current grooms.

The TikToker in question is a beautiful gal named Julia van der Hoeven who went by the online moniker of the Goddess of Mythology. According to Julia, she had built a following of 32k for sharing informational content about Roman and Greek mythology under the account @juliasingsmyths. But her account was banned for ‘bullying and harassment’ after she spoke out against white supremacists targeting trans people in her city.

Is it just me or is Julia low-key serving some Ariana Grande lookalike realness? (Image: Instagram)

In a video posted in January to her new account, which now appears to be deactivated, Julia explains how she applied for MAFS in February 2023 after her followers and friends encouraged her to do so.

She filled out the long application and the very next day, she received a call from a producer setting up an interview for the next week. Then, the full-on process really kicked off.

“There were a lot of interviews, all of them were with different producers and all of them were recorded, except for one with a publicist,” she explained.

“I had to of course do a full police check and a citizenship test. But they also make you do an entire medical exam to make sure that you are mentally and physically fit to participate in the show.

“One thing that shocked me but it probably shouldn’t have shocked me was that I was required to do every single STI check, including bloods.

“With this medical exam, you actually have to do a bunch of mobility tests as well.”

Julia claimed that she was required to do a duck walk “like the drag queens do in RuPaul’s Drag Race” but thankfully her doctor performing the check-up didn’t make her slay the house down during her workup.

Interestingly, Julia claims that during the interviews with production, she already felt like the producers were trying to test how well they’d be able to influence her to say certain things.

“I think the interviews were some of the most interesting part of the process,” she said in the vid.

“[There were] lots of different people for all of the interviews and if you’re wondering if on reality TV where producers kind of try to put words in your mouth and try and make you say things on camera that started like in the interview process, because they were all recorded, they would have been maybe used on the show.

“I had producers say stuff like now Julia, you have three university degrees and you speak five languages. Are you sure you’re going to find your intellectual equal on this show? When you’re on the show, when you meet the other couples, you know that you’re going to be the smartest person in the room right, including the men, but the girls, the other girls, they’re going to be hairdressers and makeup artists to think you’re going to be able to make friends with girls like that?’

“And I’m like, ‘Yes, of course. I love the girls. Of course, I’m going to be friends with them’,” she recalls, noting that she felt the producers were trying to make her say that she’s “not like other girls”.

“They were fully trying to get me to say that I was smarter than everyone else and that no man on the show would be good enough for me. And all of this was recorded and I did not want to give them any opportunity to make me the villain.”

According to Julia, this process went from February until September 2023, and she believed that she was “genuinely considered a bride” by the production team up until this point.

In a follow-up video, Julia also revealed that she’d gone on a date with one of the current MAFS 2024 grooms but had no idea that he was also in the process of applying to the show until she saw the series trailer earlier this year.

While she refused to name him, she did reveal that he was “considerably older” than she was and that he lived with his business partner and their child. Julia says that they went on one date and didn’t hit it off so they mutually ghosted each other. But she reckons if she ended up going on the show, it definitely would’ve been a juicy lil’ storyline.

Personally, my bet is that she went out with 39-year-old business owner Jonathan but who knows?

Julia hasn’t yet revealed why she backed out from the show but she did say that she’s now met the love of her life and is pretty confident she won’t be going on MAFS anytime soon.