MAFS Expert John Shared His 3 Fave Couples From The Entire Series & There Were Some Shady Snubs

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Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

MAFS relationship expert John Aiken has revealed his three favourite couples from the entire series and some points were made.

During a recent Q&A for Nine, Aiken rattled off the pairings that he reckons are the most solid.

The first being Season Six couple Michael Brunelli and Martha Kalifatidis, who recently welcomed their first bubba.

“I loved Michael and Martha because they were such a Hollywood couple coming from Greek and Italian backgrounds,” Aiken said.

“They were so glamorous and I wanted to see if they could get it together. To this day they’ve been really loved up and I really enjoyed their journey on the experiment.

“She had a lot of sass to her and I think they were a standout just for their glamour.”

Earlier this year, the couple welcomed their son Lucius and are set to get hitched for realsies v. soon.

Michael Brunelli and Martha Kalifatidis on Married At First Sight Michael and Martha starred on the sixth season of MAFS. (Credit: MAFS)

Next up he spotlighted Cam Merchant and Jules Robinson, who were also from MAFS Season Six.

“Cam and Jules stood out because they were such a team on the show,” Aiken said.

“Regardless of all the drama that went on around them they had each other’s back.

“Jules really let go of her criteria and said she will work ahead with whoever comes down the aisle.”

Jules Robinson and Cam Merchant on Married At First Sight

Cam and Jules are another MAFS couple who have gone the distance. 

And finally, he gave a shoutout to Season 10 couple Tahnee and Ollie, the youngest match in the experiment to date.

“Tahnee and Ollie were like this young couple in love but they also had a lot of challenges in that group,” he explained.

“At times they had to break free of the group to have each other’s back. For a young couple to show such strength was really impressive.”

Noticeably absent from his list of killer couples was Kerry Knight and Johnny Balbuziente as well as controversial couple Bryce Ruthven and Melissa Rawson who recently welcomed twin bubs Levi and Tate.

There’s also Erin and Bryce from MAFS Season Two plus recent contenders Melinda Willis and Layton Mills.

Although in John’s defence… those are literally the only couples that have gone the distance. So perhaps the question itself was shadier than its response?