Relationship Expert John Aiken Revealed Who He Reckons Is The Worst MAFS Villain Of All Time

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

MAFS has brought us a helluva lot of unsavoury folks which we like to call the ‘villains’ of the show.

In a new interview with Kyle & Jackie O, relationship expert John Aiken was probed about said villains “who have really polarised the audience”.

Bryce [Ruthven] last year had a lot of people talking [and] Olivia [Frazer] this year,” he said. “I remember [Jessika Power]Martha [Kalifatidis]Cyrell [Paule], that big triangle…”

Jackie O Henderson then pressed him further, asking him if he thinks current villain “Olivia” has “riled people up the most”.

“I think it’s certainly… one of the biggest talking points on the show [that] we’ve ever had,” he said, adding that her rivalry with Domenica Calarco “is probably the biggest one we’ve ever had”.

So there ya have it, folks. Olivia is the worst villain MAFS has ever had, according to the expert.

I doubt anyone would object to that, given her heinous (read: criminal) behaviour in recent eps.

Never thought anyone would beat Bryce as the show’s big bad, but here we are…