These Married At First Sight Throwback Pics Have Me Howling Out Of Cuteness & Cringe

This year’s season of Married At First Sight (MAFS) has been a complete doozy. So let’s take a break from the breakups and walk down memory lane with these hilarious throwback pics of the cast.

Oh naur. Unfortunately, it seems that we’re only episodes away from the final vows. It is the last hurrah before the messy MAFS reunion, where grooms, brides and exes go head to head about their experiences on the show.

And I must say, there is A LOT that needs to be debriefed. Such as Jack and his antics, the rise and fall of Timothy and Lucinda, Sara‘s cheating scandal and the rumoured couple swap of Jonathan and Ellie.

Believe it or not, before MAFS and the drama, the participants were regular human beings!

Honestly, with some people’s actions *cough* JACK *cough* it can be hard to believe that some folks of Season 11 were just living among us. Like the game Among Us.

Dry? Sorry.

Anyways, to lighten the mood during this MAFS shitstorm, here are some hilarious (and sweet) throwback pics of the Season 11 cast.

Here’s what the Season 11 Married At First Sight cast looked like before they were on the show

Lauren Dunn

OMG. Look at that sweet little face!

One of Lauren‘s first Instagram posts was this adorable throwback picture. Judging by the pic, it is evident why she’s so fashionable on the show. I mean, I swear I’ve seen that pair of glasses (or similar) being sold at Oscar Wylee. They’re just so stinkin’ cute!

Alongside this adorkable pic, Lauren also has a hilarious photo of her cuddling up to the one and only Snoop Dogg in 2014.

(Image source: Instagram / @_lauren_funn_)

Natalie Parham

Thankfully, Natalie wasn’t one of those contestants who made it hard to find bebe photos! The MAFS bride left every single pic from her teens on her public account, which was kinda cute because some of the photos featured her in some awesome cosplays.

Here’s an epic pic of the Season 11 bride rocking it out on stage with Green Day. So rawr xD of her!

(Image source: Instagram / @natarai)

Andrea Thompson

This sweet, sweet throwback pic definitely has to be one of my favourites. I’ve always been fond of scrapbooking. It’s just such a beautiful art form and it’s the perfect way to commemorate memories.

Season 11’s Andrea has a plethora of scrapbooking shots on her IG. There’s even this sweet one of her as a little baby with her brothers.

(Image source: Instagram / @andreathompson_andie)

Cassandra Allen

Unfortunately, Cassandra didn’t have too many throwback pics on her page. However, we did spot this picture that the fan-favourite was tagged in from what seemed to be her 21st birthday.

The pic just proves that Cassandra has always been a fashion icon.

Eden Harper

Just like her fellow Season 11 bride above, Eden did not have any throwback pics on her IG page. However, in her tagged tabs, you’ll find a bunch of adorable group photos.

Can you guess where Eden is?

Well according to the post, she’s the gorgiana gal in the middle.

Ellie Dix

Season 11 bride Ellie has her social media on LOCKDOWN. Could it be because she’s hiding a secret couple swap? *Cough* Jonathan *cough*?

Although we couldn’t find a proper throwback pic, we did find this awesome snap of Ellie and a friend!

“That’s a wrap! New Grad RN for MDU at GCUH is done. Big decision leaving this amazing team but ready for this new adventure,” the caption reads.

Lucinda Light


All of these pics are available publicly on Lucinda‘s Instagram account! I love that she didn’t archive or delete anything before the show. All of her older pictures, I bet, have amazing backstories.

Hopefully one day she will sit with PEDESTRIAN.TV and spills on everything she’s learned living life. I just know the tales of her journeys are packed with wisdom, laughter and reflection.

Also, the picture below this is just so c*nty, I love it!

(Image source: Instagram / @lucindaslight)

Sara Mesa

This controversial bride did not have any real throwback pics, but she has heaps of photos as a brunette. In my opinion, she looks drastically different!

It’s like a city girl vs a country indie girl. Very Hannah Montana of her.

(Image source: Instagram / @saramessy)

Tori Adams

Look. I’m not the biggest fan of Tori but this baby photo is just adorable. The photo was uploaded onto the bride’s IG account in 2017 in memory of her beloved grandmother.

Jade Pywell

Although this intruder bride didn’t have baby pics of herself, she was tagged in these 2010s-esque club photos. Being a 10-year-old during this time, Jade‘s snapshots are what I thought the clubs would be like when I got older.

Maybe the clubs just peaked in the 2010s and I will never, ever relate to those glory days of clubbing.

Anyways, if I could describe these throwback pics of Jade, I would say it reminds me of that old Aussie clothing store known as ICE. IYKYK.

Ben Walters

This throwback pic of Ben was shared on his Instagram in 2018. According to his caption, the photo was originally taken in 2007 when he and a couple of mates decided to do the “running with the bulls” event in Pamplona, Spain.

I reckon that was easier than MAFS. Lol.

Jack Dunkley


Honestly, I’m not laughing at the fact because he’s been such a fuckhead this season. But Jack‘s StarNow photos are literally the personification of 2000s – 2010s MySpace! I honestly wished he showed up to MAFS looking like those old AF headshots.

Jayden Eynaud

After scrolling for yonks through endless kickboxing posts, we did cop these old photos of Jayden as a security guard.

Jonathan McCullough

Jonathan did not have any old baby photos or embarrassing teen selfies. But he does have a lot of photos using the infamous Sepia and Nashville filters of the 2010s. So, here’s a snapshot of the groom with short hair, accompanied by one of the two filters. Enjoy!

Michael Felix

Peep this adorable pic!! Amongst all the amazing travel pictures, Michael has this throwback pic that he shared in early 2023. How sweet!

Here’s another baby pic he posted which is just as cute!

(Image source: @m.felix88)

Richard Sauerman

Oh. Okay!!!! I see you, Sir Richard! Here’s the golden groom being a super handsome boy before he was obsessed with scarves.

Loved that this is pinned on his IG. It’s like he knew I was coming for these pics.

Tim Calwell

Most of Tim‘s photos on his main feed are about his travels. However, the tagged pictures on IG show a much spicier side of this Season 11 groom.

Honestly, if I had those abs I would be walking around with just a heart on my chest and slacks too TBH.

Timothy Smith

(Image source: Nine / MAFS )

In photos obtained by So Dramatic! the Season 11 groom can be seen sporting a fluffy AF mullet. You can peep the hilariously adorable photo right here.

Tristan Black

Oh my gawsh! Another cute MAFS baby photo. What I love about Tristan‘s pics is that he’s always with a big happy family.

… Except the one below where he’s just there frowning on the far right.

(Image source: Instagram / @tristancblack)

Stephen Stewart

I’m sorry. I think Stephen‘s baby pic wins our unofficial cuteness competition. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you which one is the Season 11 groom. I can’t even tell the Sprouse twins apart. Woopsies.

Ash Galati

In a lovely post wishing his late brother a happy birthday, Ash shared an old photo of him and his siblings.

“Happy Birthday brother. Where ever you are just know you are loved,” he wrote.

Ridge Barredo

TALK ABOUT SKUXX DELUXE. This eshay definitely rode around the suburbs on a Razor scooter back in the day.

There are no baby photos of the groom. However, there’s a plethora of Ridge teen photos that remind me of the good old 2010s when everyone was obsessed with Zyzz.

(Image source: Instagram / @ridgebarredo)

Unfortunately, Madeleine and Collins aren’t on the list. The intruder bride does not have an Instagram page. As for Collins, the quirky groom does have one — as it features his Ashley and Madison advertisement — but he doesn’t have any throwback pics or cringy-tagged photos.

But hey, after all that scrolling, I’ve found some golden ones for your unhinged MAFS fan edits.

Now excuse me as I go to sleep after doing all that digging.