The Father Of A MAFS Bride Asked Radio Hosts To Not Roast His Daughter & That’s A Tall Order Mate

There’s a new season of the (s)hit reality show Married At First Sight (MAFS) and everyone is getting into the spirit, including the legends of radio that are FitzyWippa, and Kate Ritchie who recently dropped some wild tea about the show. Ooooh, do tell, do tell.

We all love to trash on MAFS. It’s the core reason the audience watch the show.

I would happily go on record and say, without any scientific substantiation, that nine out of 10 MAFS viewers are only watching it so that they can absolutely pile on whatever poor soul/villain decided to appear on it.

It’s a universal truth: if you appear on MAFS, you’re gonna cop some cheek.

Whether it’s because you deserve it, or because the producers absolutely leave you out to dry like some contestants allege, hardly anybody comes off the show with their reputation spotless.

And none are more aware of this than the family of the contestants.

Which is why during their breakfast radio program on Nova 96.9 this morning, Fitzy had a nugget of gossip that he was keen to share when the topic of MAFS came up.

According to the veteran radio personality, he heard through personal connections that one of the fathers of a MAFS bride was “very concerned” with how his daughter will be treated by the public.

“I got a message from a friend who is the father of one of the girls that’s on the show. He’s very concerned,” shared Fitzy on air.

“He texted me and said ‘Mate I heard you guys talk about this show quite a bit. As a family, we’re really worried about what’s going to happen over the next few months.’”

Fitzy then clarified that he DOES NOT KNOW the bride personally, and only knows the father. Which is why the dear dad shared to Fitzy — who knows the pain that comes from appearing on reality TV as an ex Big Brother contestant — that he is worried how his daughter will be talked about on the radio program.

“We heard you talk about it quite a bit on your show. Can you just look after her?” Fitzy said the MAFS dad requested.

To which Fitzy’s long time friend and fellow host Wippa responded by absolutely calling her and all other MAFS contestants TF out.

“The bigger concern for any individual going on a show like this is the fact that they’ve gone on the show not with the idea of finding love, not one person has gone on this show in the hope of actually finding someone,” slammed Wippa, who is also an ex Celebrity Apprentice contestant.

Wippa mate, straight for the jugular. Yikes!

And before you could even tell him he’s wrong (he’s not), Wippa then doubled down:

“You’re going on the show, for fun, and something interesting to do in your life, and the possibility of becoming famous. THAT’s why you’ve gone on the show.”

Look… you can’t say he’s wrong.

The strike rate for couples who go on it and find love is incredibly low. That’s why we’ve already got a blog tracking which couples are still together for the MAFS 2024 season.

Anyone who has been a contestant on MAFS who wants to disagree with Wippa, go ahead DM him. I’m sure it’ll go well.

And as for the identity of the bride that Fitzy knows the father of, he kept that secret locked.

“Are you going to tell us who the girl is?” Kate Ritchie asked.

“Absolutely no chance,” denied Fitzy.

Hats off to the dad for recognising the pain of unfair editing that lies ahead for someone he cares about.

But if you truly loved her mate, you’d have stopped her going on the show in the first place.