MAFS’ Queen Lauren Receives Praise From Fans For That Mic Drop Moment At Final Vows

Part One of Final Vows for Married At First Sight (MAFS) 2024 has arrived, and fans are praising Queen Lauren for the way she dumped Jonathan during that stomach-churning conversation. Thank fuck, they’re done and over.

Guys, we’ve actually made it!!! After all the cheating rumours and the “muzzle” comment situation, we’re finally at the end.

To kick off Final Vows week, viewers were treated to the awkward AF break-up of Jono and Lauren.

To give you a quick summary — but I truly suggest you take a geeze at our juicy episode recap, written by the one and only Chantelle SchmidtJono and Lauren are still affected by his secret texts with fellow Season 11 bride Ellie, who left the experiment earlier on with Ben.

Ever since then, the pair haven’t fixed a thing in the relationship, and unfortunately, it’s without a doubt that they’re calling it quits at Final Vows.

Although the pair seemed quite cordial in their meet-up, you cannot deny the amount of venom they had for each other in their words. Viewers also pointed out the hilarious distance the pair were standing at during the vow exchange.

When it was time to chat at the Final Vows, Jono didn’t even say hello to his reality TV bride. Instead he quickly just goes “You ready for this?” like he’s a rival cheerleader from Bring It On.

When Lauren pointed this out, he didn’t even correct himself and went on with his vows.

He then went on and on about something… about someone? About somewhere? IDK it was kinda — as Lauren would put it — boring.

After he spoke positively about the start of their relationship (of course, sprinkled with light jabs at his bride) Jono revealed that Lauren’s reaction to the texts and that making him look bad was a sign that she wasn’t for him.

Finally, it was Lauren’s turn to DEVOUR Jonathan with her wit. After she called him out on the messages, claiming that he tried to blame her for the Ellie situation, she closed her final vows with, “Jono I don’t see a future with you and no, it’s not me, it’s you.”

After that epic line, Lauren strutted off, looking like one of Charlie’s Angels.

Here are some of the reactions to Lauren and Jono’s Final Vows on Married At First Sight

Look, I wish Lauren went in on him more, but she truly handled that with so much class, as the X user mentioned above.

That being said, I’m truly going to miss seeing Lauren’s reactions on our screens.

She definitely carried with the facial expressions for our PEDESTRIAN.TV thumbnails in 2024.

Image source: Nine / MAFS