Aquarius Season Arrives This Weekend So It’s Time To Let Your Freak Flag Fly

Been feeling a little tied down lately? That’s ‘cos Capricorn Season’s way-too-serious earth energy was like an anvil on your soul. But good news, buddy: Aquarius season is here to free you from your shackles and invigorate your 2024!

Aquarians are known as the free-spirited, eccentric social butterflies of the zodiac and as such, their season is a time to surround yourself with people who lift you up and open your heart and mind to new connections.

As we know, every spiritual season affects each sign differently so here’s a lil rundown of how your sign will be impacted in the coming weeks.

Aquarius Season 2024

How Aquarius Season will impact each star sign

It’s AQUARIUS’ birthday so you’d think you’d be in the mood to be surrounded by people who can bask in your bday glow, right? Wrong.

Your creative powers are peaking right now so rather than getting all boozed up and silly, you’ll wanna opt for a fun and imaginative interlude of sorts.

Get started on that novel you’ve been dying to write, buy an art book and get sketching or even hit up some art galleries and suss out some arty films. Be inspired!

Don’t worry tho, my flighty friend, some fun days and nights out are defo on the cards, which could even result in a new romantic connection. HBD to you ;).

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With air sign energy running rampant, LIBRANs will feel their natural need for play growing exponentially.

Make sure you’re balancing your busy work schedule with some sick nights out with your comrades. Much like bday girl Aquarius, this could lead to an unexpected love connection.

And as for my GEMINIs, ever seen that episode of Charmed where Phoebe casts a smart spell and suddenly has the answers to every question ever? That’s you this season!

Your intellect is peaking right now so you’ll be craving knowledge and wisdom as if it were a tasty treat.

Scoff that knowledge up like the last sauso roll, ya gorgeous Gem.

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Mentally, ARIES is on top of her game right now and you’ll be killing it at werk / uni.

Confidence is key but also be sure to practice patience and think before speaking so as not to come off as arrogant, a common qualm with fire signs (I said what I said).

Not that LEOs need any encouragement, but it’s time to do some online shopping ‘cos loads of fun outings are on the horizon and you’re gonna wanna look cute.

Aquarius season will bring with it some new pals and flings and possibly the deepening of a connection with someone already in your life.

As air energy ramps up, SAGITTARIUS babes will feel their flame fanned to new heights so expect an extra boost of luck.

You already know this, but your opinion is valued by many, so be sure to express it whenever you can with confidence and honesty to open minds.

More often than not, zodiac signs live their best lives during their own season, but other planetary shit can change this and sadly this was the case for CAPRICORN.

So my earthly mates will be stoked to have the spotlight shifted away from them as Aquarius season brings them a breath of much needed fresh air.

Stop being all work, work, work, money, money, money and just have some fun this season. Remember what that is?

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The Aquarian energy will have a spicy impact on my TAURUS pals and you’ll feel a sudden burst of creativity which will reinvigorate your mindset and inspire you to put in 110% at werk or school.

Now that you’ve got your groove back, professionally, you’ll experience some much needed transformation and growth that’ll help you power through the first half of the year.

Hey VIRGO, ever heard of self-care, sweetie? Well, it’s time to look it up.

You really hit the ground running in 2024, work wise, so now you needa look after yourself to avoid burning out.

Been having wacky dreams that almost feel prophetic, PISCES?

Pay attention to your dreams, especially during Aquarius season, as they may be trying to tell you something.

Remember, dreams can either be literal visions or symbolic of things to come so start taking a record of your dreams and dissecting what they represent.

Also, if your current way of doing things isn’t working for you, it may be time to hit the refresh button.

CANCERians are experts at shielding their heart so it doesn’t get trampled (even though this always seems to happen anyway…), but those walls will come tumbling down this season as you find yourself impossibly intrigued by a certain someone.

Embrace the Aquarian community-oriented vibes and you may end up with a new friend or suitor.

My astrology senses tell me that any risks you take at this time will likely pay off.

And lastly, there’ll be an unexpected change in SCORPIO’s home and family life.

Ignore the bois you’ve been chasing and the vengeance plots you’ve been working on to clean house a little and focus on your domestic space, whether it’s your loved ones and / or the general juju of your pad.

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