Your 2024 Horoscopes Are Here So Settle In And Sip The Cosmic Tea For Your Star Sign 

Now that 2023 is done and dusted, I am being begged and badgered left and right for the 2024 horoscopes. So here I come with my astrology predictions for this year!

Although 2023 felt like a blip, a lot happened and each sign has gone through some valuable cosmic learnings which will become very handy in the new year.

Not to bait you too much, but we’re in for another wild one! But overall, the future looks pretty damn great, if ya ask me.

In case you’re wondering about my credentials here, I’m an astrologer with over 10 years in the game and I’ve just released my first astrology book How to Spot the (Star) Signs. So I guess you could say I know my shit!

While we’re at it, if you plan on doing some manifesting on New Year’s Eve, here’s some spells and rituals.

Read on to suss what 2024 has in store for each star sign!

2024 horoscopes


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Your 2024 horoscopes are all about ~* healing *~

The last few years have been go-go-go for you. You’ve had some wins, you’ve had some losses, but more than anything, you’ve bloody gone through it and you’re feeling emotionally fried as a result.

Well, I’m pleased to report that in 2024, you will finally enter your ~healing era~.

As Saturn beams into water sign Pisces (which is associated with regeneration) and your spiritual zone, you will have the opportunity to address past traumas, mend old wounds and override painful memories with happy ones. In particular, you will finally receive closure for something that once rattled your confidence.

All this is not to say you won’t still be kicking butt and taking names… you are an Aries, after all! And from May through to June, your ruling planet Mars will be helping you blaze that trail and smash those goals you’ve been eyeing off.

While you’re in your healing era, you will rethink your approach to dating and relationships. You may find that your wants and needs have shifted. If you’re single, you may notice that your dating habits and what you look for in potential suitors no longer fulfils you. If you’re in a relationship, you may start to realise that your needs in your relationship have shifted.

Whatever the case may be, do not avoid or suppress the changes that your heart is pulling for — follow your desires unapologetically like a true Aries!


2023 was the year that you learned the real meaning of doing things for you rather than doing things to appease other people. Saturn’s transit through your social 11th house taught you to reserve your time and energy only for those who actually deserve it.

In learning this lesson, you may have had to cut off some toxic people which was painful but necessary. And the good news is now that you’ve removed the dead weight from your life and levelled up as a person, 2024 will be all about reaping the rewards of your growth.

According to your 2024 horoscopes, this year the way you operate in group settings will shift. Were you always the one who had to plan things in the group chat? Now you can step back and demand that everyone play an even role. Do you tend to fade into the background at work? This year you may take more of a leadership role and you’ll enjoy the upgrade (or vice versa — maybe you’ll pump the brakes on your input and only do the amount of work you’re actually paid for).

Whatever the shift may be, ensure that it’s on your terms and that you’re truly happy with where you’re headed. And if it’s not, make your voice heard and demand respect from those around you!

Jupiter — the planet of luck and expansion — has been in your sign since last May and it will stay there until this May (incidentally, around your bday time). Make sure you spend the next few months manifesting your lil heart out to summon all your desires to you. Might I suggest making a vision board ASAP? (Here’s instructions on how to do it!)

As for your relationships, this year you’ll be looking for a sense of play and adventure. This could involve travelling or experimenting sexually with a current partner. Or perhaps it’s venturing into the unknown with a new partner (in particular, you will be on the lookout for people who you wouldn’t usually go for). Or maybe it’s exploring the inner chasms of your own desires, ‘cos no sign is more adept at self-pleasure than a Taurus.


This year is all about levelling up, especially where your career is concerned. But that doesn’t mean things will be handed to you on a silver platter! You will have to overcome some hurdles and set-backs before you reach the promised land.

This is all thanks to Saturn hovering in pensive Pisces and your career zone throughout the year, allowing you to alter your approach and change past systems that may not be working in your favour.

This year authority figures will play a major part in your life so be sure to lean on them for advice when things get tricky.

Jupiter — the planet of luck and expansion — enters your sign on 26th May, where she will remain for a year. So the second half of 2024 in particular will bring you opportunities for growth and manifesting your dreams and desires.

Throughout it all, make sure you have a constant dialogue with your inner self. Ask yourself what your purpose in life really is and why is it that you do what you do. If you search your soul and cannot find the answer, perhaps it’s time to move on.


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Your 2024 horoscopes are here to validate your feelings…

As I’m sure you’re aware, Cancerians take years to process traumatic events and negative emotions. As such, this year you will continue to dwell on something that you thought you’d mentally dealt with already. Perhaps something will happen that will bring those feelings racing back. Don’t be frightened — look at this as an opportunity to put those lingering pain points to rest once and for all.

Single Cancerians will have the potential to meet someone midway through the year thanks to love planet Venus’ movements. In particular, keep your eyes peeled for fellow water signs (Cancers, Scorpios, Pisceans) who understand your emotional depth and can cater to your wants and needs better than the jackasses you’ve dated in the past.

Committed Cancerians will put even more focus on where your relationship is headed long-term.

As knowledge planet Saturn makes its way through dreamy sign (and fellow water babe) Pisces, you are encouraged to expand your horizons. Try exploring your innate creative water sign skillz by taking a class or joining a group — whether it be an art class, a new workout cult, learning a language or joining a sporting team. In doing so, you will meet a new crop of people who could have a beautiful impact on your life.


2024 will be a major growth year for you, Leo. You’ll start to care less about how you’re being perceived and more so about how you perceive yourself. Now that’s growth — especially for a Leo!

Each year, all the Mercury Retrogrades appear within one particular element. Guess what Leo? 2024’s gatorades are all dropping in your fiery zone, babyyy. This might sound terrifying but it’s really not – what it means is that there’ll be the potential for growth during this year’s retrogrades. Whenever it hits, use it as a time for thorough self-reflection.

Your fire sign energy is precious — evaluate the way you’ve been using your energy. Are you dedicating your time and energy to people who aren’t deserving? Are you screaming all your next moves from the rooftops before they’ve come to fruition and thus hindering your chances for success? Have you been dominating conversations without taking the time to listen to the other person’s point of view? These are the sorts of questions you should ask yourself, not just during the retrogrades, but throughout the entire year.

Without realising it, certain toxic relationships from your past (or even your present) have resulted in some negative behaviours that you’ve picked up. This year will shine a light on whatever they may be and you’ll finally be in the right headspace to make some changes for the better.


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Virgos after reading your 2024 horoscopes…

This year you can expect a shift in one of your close relationships, as a result of Saturn moving through Pisces (AKA your house of relationships). Certain events and behaviours will force you to reassess where you stand with a certain someone — be it a relative, a partner, a mate, a colleague, a housemate, etc — and, put simply, things won’t be the same afterwards.

As they say, when one door closes, another one opens. Meaning that someone new will emerge in your life this year who will fill the void of the person who’s on the way out. This new confidant may have already emerged or perhaps you’re yet to meet them.

Love planet Venus hits up fire sign Aries in April (AKA your zone of passion), which will light a fire under you. Expect a horny crush to form and you’ll have the gusto to go after the person you desire without hesitation. If you’re committed, you’ll likely become more assertive in your relationship rather than taking a back seat. You could also use this time to explore your sexuality and discover new passion points that you may not have found before.

With Saturn in Pisces and your seventh house this year, your approach to your career will change. Instead of being realistic and overly pragmatic, you’ll adopt the Piscean dreamer vibe and start to ponder the possibility of doing something completely different to what you do right now. Anything is possible so allow yourself to dream big and grab onto those unexpected goals with both hands!


As a Libra, you love to shirk your responsibilities and put hard work in the ‘later’ basket. Well guess what, Libra? Later has officially arrived in the year 2024.

This year is all about doing the WORK. Maybe it’s the year you’ll start seeing a therapist. Perhaps it’s the year you forgive someone you swore you’d never speak to again. It could even be a time to ditch negative behaviours (like your people-pleasing nature or your flakiness) in favour of being a new and improved human.

Whatever the case may be, you can’t keep putting off doing the work because the people around you are growing tired. How many more times can you cancel on your mate before they finally give up making plans? You’re a wonderful force in the life of all your fam and friends but changes need to be made this year to avoid harming your relationships. You also owe it to yourself to do better and as a result, you’ll feel better about yourself in time.

And that’s not the only area of your life where serious work will be done!

I know everyone, regardless of their sign, begins the year fixated on their health and wellbeing, but for you it’s not a start-of-the-year fad, it’s an ongoing focus for 2024. With goal-kicking Saturn hitting Pisces and your sixth house of perfectionism, you’ll become dedicated to setting health and fitness goals and sticking to them. Doing so will not only make you happier and healthier, but it’ll give you a sense of purpose and accomplishment.


At some point during the first half of the year, there will be a need for change — whether it’s a change in behaviour or your attitude towards something, a new job, the ending of a relationship or a move. This is due to transformation planet (and your ruler) Pluto moving into hard-ass earth sign Capricorn in January before heading into quirky air sign Aquarius. Don’t be afraid of this change. Something in your life just wasn’t working for you anymore and breaking free of it will bring you a sense of peace.

Romantically, it will be quite a chaotic year. If you’re single, you’ll find yourself locked in a love triangle, perhaps more than once. You’ll struggle to choose between multiple suitors, you hot lil thing, you. If you’re in a relationship, you’ll find yourself fighting for what you need to be happy in a relationship (which is a fight worth having!). The good news is that if anyone can handle chaos, especially when it comes to dating, it’s a Scorpio. What’s more is that you’ll probably thrive off the chaos at certain points.

Where your career is concerned, this is a good year to deepen your relationship with your colleagues (either at your current place of business or one you’re yet to join). We’re usually not encouraged to mix business with pleasure but since they’re one in the same for you, Scorp — maybe it’s for the best? You’ll be extremely in touch with your creative spirit this year and you’ll be able to absolutely crush it in your chosen field and pump out some work you’re really proud of. Just make sure you avoid second-guessing yourself and cockblocking yourself from levelling up.


This year your focus will be very close to home, literally! As Saturn moves into your fourth house of home and fam, you’ll find yourself having to shift your priorities and fulfil obligations that may no be very fun, but are very, very necessary. It could be moving house or looking after a loved one who needs you.

Sagis usually lack disciple and despise obligations, but unfortunately these are essential aspects of life and 2024 sees you rising to the occasion and doing what needs to be done to restore order in your home and your life in general.

I know that sounds kind of grim, but there’s good news in your 2024 horoscopes, I promise!

Your love zone is looking ~*divine*~. After a period of feeling unsupported, you’ll finally get what you deserve in your romantic zone. If you’re committed, Jupiter moving into Taurus will bring with it grounding energy in your relationship. You’ll feel more seen and heard than you have before and man, have you been needing it!

If you’re single, you have the potential to meet someone while on an adventure. Expand your horizons and be open to meeting different sorts of peeps in different sorts of places.


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Capricorns throwing bills in the air frivolously after reading your 2024 horoscopes…

You might find this hard to believe, but this year you’ll be less fixated on securing the bag and more into the relationships in your life. Whether it’s improving the relationship you have with your current nearest and dearest or meeting someone who lights your spark. Keep your eyes peeled in unexpected avenues, Cap!

When it comes to dating, you’re advised to be less guarded and more inclined to go after what you want without fear of heartbreak (I know that’s why you’re always guarding your emotions — you can’t lie to me!). Your lack of communication has always held you back but this year, you’ll be the first one to reach out and it’ll pay off for you big time.

But wait, I wanna go back to finances a lil more: Saturn spends the year in Pisces and your communication zone, which is why you’re less driven by money. The thought of this may stress you out but it’s actually going to be very freeing for you. You’re a Capricorn, you’re always going to be killing it. But there’s more to life than the grind!

This theme of letting loose and going with the flow carries through all year, according to your 2024 horoscopes — you’ll be more chilled out this year than ever before and I’ll tell ya what, it’s about time.


Have you had your eye on a side hustle for years now but you’ve been too busy, lazy or scared to get it off the ground? Well good news, my quirky air sign pal, 2024 is serving you the energy you need to finally get it going! Perhaps the project is already up and running but it’s not kicking the goals you’d hoped it would — this year, that’s going to change as Saturn moves through Pisces and your second house, sending potent energy into your realm of finances and skillz.

Jupiter — the planet of luck, growth and expansion — will move into your fellow air sign Gemini on May 26th and will remain there for a year. This is a particularly powerful time for bringing those aforementioned goals to life.

As the year goes on, your reputation in your chosen field (whether it’s your full-time job or your side hustle) will grow immensely. Planetary energy also indicates exciting contracts coming your way. The key advice here is to work on the business side of things to ensure that the creative side can flourish and sparkle.

Ooh also, with your ruling planet Uranus beaming into grounded Taurus, expect positive, healthy and perhaps even exciting changes in your zone of home and family. Just make sure any changes are made with clear and deep thought and without acting rashly.


As a dreamy and starry-eyed Pisces, you spend a lot of time pontificating about how you’re being perceived by the outside world. You’re often moodboarding your next aesthetic, either via Pinterest, the Instagram saved folder or by cuttings clippings from magazines for a vision board. Well, all of that will come in handy this year as Saturn hits your first house of self and new beginnings, inspiring you to shake up your aesthetic. Whether it’s changing up your look, your social media presence or the way you operate in the world, this year you’re like a snake shedding your skin and glistening as a newly formed being. (I mean snake in a non-derogative way, BTW. Think: Taylor Swift‘s Reputation era).

As you’re going through something of a renaissance, your love life is obvs going to be impacted. Your new sense of self will be drawing in all kinds of suitors like moths to a flame. Meanwhile your ruling planet — dreamy Neptune — will be in your romantic zone all year, blessing you with a positive outlook on relationships. Just don’t allow this to reach the point of being delulu and creating unrealistic expectations because when a date or romantic partner fails to meet these expectations, you will be crushed. Try having a more realistic approach to relationships and you’ll be sweet!

Elsewhere in your 2024 horoscopes, do you fancy yourself as somewhat of a psychic? Of course you do, all Pisceans have innate psychic abilities! This year, as your ruling planet Neptune beams into your first house for the entirety of 2024, your psychic instincts will expand. Pay close attention to dreams and signs from the universe. You’re being protected and guided by the other side, you just need to open the DMs of your mind (so to speak).

And that’s it from me for your 2024 horoscopes!


Matty Galea is the Managing Editor of PEDESTRIAN.TV, as well as our resident astrologer who penned the 2024 horoscopes just for you. He recently released his first astrology book titled How To Spot The (Star) Signs. You can find him on InstagramTwitter and TikTok.