This Mercury Retrograde Is More Intense Than Ever So Here’s What You Should Defs Avoid Doing

As I’m sure you’ll know by the oodles of fearful posts on Instagram, Mercury Retrograde has arrived and it will be wreaking havoc on our lives until September 14 (but there are six other planets going awol at the same damn time).

While the same rules apply for all retrogrades (i.e. don’t sign anything, double check risky texts, allow extra time for travel etc etc), there are some additional things to look out for this time ’round as it coincides with several other retrogrades PLUS the Blue Moon.

Here’s a list of extra shit that you absolutely should not do during this Mercury Retrograde…

DON’T: Tell your secrets to untrustworthy people

So Gemini season is all about secrets and scandals being revealed, meanwhile Mercury Retrograde is about miscommunications and shit going awry, so expect all kinds of tea to be spilled. This might sound fun and spicy, but it sure isn’t when it’s your tea being splashed around.

Be extra careful with who you tell your secrets to because a person you thought was a trustworthy confidant might be two-faced (just like the Gemini image).

Also double-check your texts and make sure you’re not doing the ol’ send the text about a person TO that person (which applies every retrograde, BTW).

DON’T: Put yourself in stressful situations

Stressful energy is wafting through the air like crazy right now so be smart and avoid putting yourself in anxiety-inducing situations.

Whether it be attending events that you know your ex or arch-nemeses will be at, sliding into someone’s DMs or having important talks with people.

Now is not the time – save it for when you’re at your best.

DON’T: Leave shit ’til the last minute

Mercury is the planet of communication so when retrograde occurs, the planet goes backwards, and therefore all communications go backwards.

It’s believed that during this time, delays are expected and therefore, do not leave important assignments, bills, or travel ’til the last minute.

Allow yourself extra time, you’ll need it!

DON’T: Give up your wellness routines

Do you have wellness routines in place to protect your physical and mental state of mind? Whatever you do, be sure to not only stick to it but perhaps add a few methods to it.

And if you have none at all, now would be the time to start!

It could be as simple as meditating, staring a new workout regime, doing a nightly face mask or undergoing a digital detox (a.k.a. putting your phone down and unplugging yourself from social media for a set amount of time).

Look after yourself, boo.

Matty Galea is the Managing Editor of PEDESTRIAN.TV,
 as well as our resident astrologer. You can find him on InstagramTwitter and TikTok.