How To Make Someone Fall For You Based On Their Star Sign & How They’re Probs Gonna Hit On You

Astrology is so much more than just your daily horoscope and funny memes on social media. It can actually be a powerful tool that provides divine assistance in all aspects of your life, especially in dating. For example, astrology can show you how to charm each star sign and how they are likely to charm you!

To help you navigate your way through the absolute minefield that is the dating world, I’ve pulled together cheeky passages from my brand spanking new astrology book How to Spot the (Star) Signs — a spicy guide to getting along with anyone, based on their sign. It’s on sale now if you need cosmic assistance on which signs you’re compatible with in love, at work and in your friendships.

Anyway, enough about me, let’s talk about you! And that burning crush you’ve got goin’ on.

How to charm each star sign


How to charm an Aries

The key to charming an Aries is through straight-up, shameless, good old-fashioned flattery. When it comes to seducing one of these babes, a genuine compliment (or five) will go a long way. They’re already confident to the point of cocky, but they still enjoy being told how brilliant they are. Their ego simply cannot be overfed. So go ahead and kiss their Aries ass, but don’t be a total simp – they want to date someone who matches their powerful energy. They’re not looking for a minion, they want the other half of their power couple.

How an Aries will charm you

While some signs would be too shy, these brazen folks have no qualms about approaching people right off the bat. They’re not afraid of rejection and honestly, you’ve gotta admire that. Once an Aries spots their prey, they do whatever they can to win ’em over. They haven’t got the patience for playing games or dropping subtle hints, so everything they do is loud, overt and in your face. You’ll either find their sheer confidence and OTT flirting tactics to be a turn-on or it’ll give you the ick. With an Aries, there’s no in between.


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How to charm a Taurus

They enjoy the finer things in life and they’re self-sufficient enough to provide for themselves, but they’d like to have someone who can spoil them because that would mean twice as many treats. Grand gestures go a long way! You need to pamper them like the kings and queens they (think they) are: cook for them, fetch things for them when they’re comfy in bed, give them lots of attention (but not too much). You’ll also need to show them that you’re here to stay. While some signs enjoy the dating game, Taurus downloads dating apps in search of a reason to delete said apps. Prove to them that you’re not going to waste their time with a situationship. Nothing gets a Taurus off like knowing that you’re stable and committed.

How a Taurus will charm you

If a Taurus has offered to plan the date, just know that you’re in for an absolute treat. They have an intimate knowledge of where to get the best eats and bevs, and will want to show off their primo taste in dining. They’ll take you to some hidden gem you’ve never been to before and really make you feel special by unveiling their top secret spots. Since they value their career, their success and their possessions, they are likely to flex all of the above to impress you. Taureans always like to make it appear like they’re absolutely killing it, and they use their status and material possessions to wow people. They basically try to make you feel like you’ve won a prize just by being allowed to date them – which is actually true in some ways.


How to charm a Gemini

The twin sign has one of the worst reps of all when it comes to dating. Everyone assumes they’re shifty, two-faced love-bombers who might ghost you at any minute. They don’t mean to be flaky as hell, they just get bored very easily, especially when they’re not clicking with someone. To hold their interest, you’ll need to have a sharp intellect but also be irreverent and silly and able to take the piss out of yourself. Impress them with your ability to talk shit for hours. They’re generally not picky on topics of convo, they can yarn about anything from celeb goss to foreign politics to childhood trauma to your favourite ice-cream flavours. Chat to them about literally anything. Show them you can carry a decent convo and make them laugh, or better yet, make sure that you laugh at all their jokes.

How a Gemini will charm you

Geminis are doe-eyed peeps who tend to fall in love fast and hard. As one of the chattiest and most brazen signs of the zodiac, they just love meeting new people and they’re not afraid to sidle right up to you if you’ve taken their fancy. They’ll chat your ear off and dazzle you with their glowing personality for hours, asking as many questions as they can until they’ve found out all there is to know about you. They’ll try to be as charming as possible to win you over and they’ll see to it that you’re still thinking about them later. And just to be sure, they’ll insist on having you follow them on Instagram to kickstart your DMing rendezvous. From there, they’ll send you posts that showcase how brilliant they are and strategically drop thirst traps to keep you interested.


How to charm a Cancer

Being one of the most sensitive signs of the zodiac, Cancers only date people who are capable of handling their fragile heart with kid gloves. If you’re afraid of D&Ms, then you’ve come to the wrong place. But if you’re emotionally mature enough for this mission, then show your sensitive side from the very beginning. They need to see that you’re comfortable expressing and processing emotions. But you can’t fake it. These intuitive creatures are almost psychic when it comes to being able to tell if someone is full of shit. Liars, fakes and hypocrites need not apply. As much as they love love, they absolutely hate the idea of dating and opening themselves up to a variety of people, many of whom won’t be worthy of their cool Cancerian presence. So make it clear that you’re not into playing games. Be direct. Be real. Be vulnerable. That’s the best way to charm a Cancer.

How a Cancer will charm you

These babes don’t play games when it comes to dating, but they do have a certain charm that lures people in. They’re quite subtle and reserved in their approach, which makes them irresistible. These sneaky sirens are masterful at figuring out your love language and catering to it, then slowly backing away, leaving you wanting more. Although they planted the seed, in the end you’re the one who’s asking them out, which is exactly what they wanted. Then when you’re totally obsessed with them, that’s when they remove their mask and you’ll see that they’re equally obsessed with you. They’ll make you feel seen for the first time by having you share your story with them and they’ll totally validate your feelings. They have a special way of making you feel comfortable enough to dig deep and share your deepest, darkest secrets ’cos you know you’re in a safe place with them.


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How to charm a Leo

Many have tried to charm one of these feisty creatures only to be left with scratches and scars to their ego. Charming a Leo is no simple feat, because they’re not easily lured. They can sense bad vibes from afar and will retreat if they’re not feeling it. Since you’re so damn lucky to be in their presence at all, you’ll need to express your gratitude by feeding their insatiable appetite for flattery. But don’t overdo it – they can spot fake flattery from a mile off, so your compliments had better be top tier and they’d better be genuine. Do your research and learn everything there is to know about them. Do a deep-dive into their social media, stalk their LinkedIn to suss their professional achievements, and best of all, just ask them a million questions. They’ll be expecting you to fawn over them and have a built-in knowledge of who they are and what they do. Also, it should come as no surprise that this image-focused sign is all about the visuals, so you’d better be looking sharp. I’m not saying they’re shallow, but they certainly won’t date a slob. Appearance is everything!

How a Leo will charm you

They’ll make the first move, which is no move at all. Instead, they’ll pretend to ignore you to make you want them more. Ya know, treat ’em mean, keep ’em keen. The way Leos see it, they can pretty much get with anyone they want. On a scale from confident to cocky, they absolutely surpass cocky. That said, they love a challenge and won’t be afraid to pull out all the stops to win you over. Whether they approach you IRL or slide into your DMs, they always have a way of making you feel like you’re special because they’ve chosen YOU over their plethora of options, like you’ve won some kind of prize – and in some ways you have. However, if it turns out that Leos aren’t your type, if you’re not sensitive to their enchantments, you’ll find yourself in a pretty rough spot because they don’t take rejection well.


How to charm a Virgo

These earth sign legends are so tightly wound that they need a partner who will help them loosen up and let go. Although they might think their life is perfect the way it is, and should not be touched or edited in any way, we both know different. So show them a good time and they’ll realise that YOU are what’s missing from their life. Virgos are overly cautious and have an ironclad wall around their heart to protect them from heartbreak so you’ll need to be extremely careful where you tread. One false move and you’re out. You can’t simply charm them with words; Virgos require action. They need evidence that you’re not full of shit. Virgos pretty much believe that everyone is suss until proven otherwise. Put your money where your mouth is and show them that you’re willing to cater to their every need. If you’ve been tasked with planning the date, don’t be afraid to ask them what they’re into ahead of time. Virgos are very particular, especially when it comes to their food. They’ll appreciate it more if you forward plan, rather than hazarding a guess and taking them somewhere they’d never eat. Nothing gives a Virgo the ick more than being taken to a crappy date spot!

How a Virgo will charm you

Virgos always become experts at things that spark their interest, including their crushes. Once they’ve set their sights on you, they’ll put their expert research skills to work and commit to learning literally every single detail about you. Expect a million questions and a sneaky stalk of your social media. From there, they will impress you with what they’ve learned. They’ll take you on dates that have been carefully and meticulously planned to suit your needs and interests. If you randomly mentioned something upon your first meeting, they will conduct thorough research on that topic to show off their findings the next time they see you. They’ll present you with a dossier of information, impressing you with facts and stats that even you weren’t across. How exactly did they gather all this intel? You’ll never know.


How to charm a Libra

They’re hopeless romantics who love the dating game, so be ready to play. They absolutely froth the idea of casual dating and sometimes they’ll start seeing someone with absolutely no intention of ever letting it get serious. To keep them interested, you’ll need to be able to match their flirty banter. You’ll also need to be easy on the eyes, so try wearing aesthetically pleasing fits. Send them sweet texts to let them know you’re always thinking of them. Invite them out for dates to give them an opportunity to dress cute (not that they need one). Lean into their materialism by giving them lil gifties to make them feel like a rom-com protagonist. Just don’t play hard to get, because the moment they feel anything but undying love, they’ll hit unfollow and slide into someone else’s DMs.

How a Libra will charm you

A Libra will charm you by simply existing. These alluring creatures radiate glowing, positive energy and will draw people into their orbit without even trying. From the moment you meet them you will be absolutely bewitched, as if they’re legit witches who’ve put you under their spell. They’ve got flirting down to a science and have a way of making you feel like the most important person in the world just by giving you their attention. If a Libra has been kicking it with you for an extended period of time, that alone should be enough to charm you, since they’re usually rather indecisive and flit from person to person. They must be keen if they’ve stuck around!


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How to charm a Scorpio

Despite having the emotional depth of the world’s oceans, they give little away to start with, so you won’t know if they’re keen on you or not. Impress them by telling them the weirdest, wackiest facts about yourself. Avoid small talk at all costs, they find it basic and boring. Tell them your deepest desires and darkest fears, and if you’ve intrigued them with your story, they’ll be dying to know more. Discuss the things you hate – if they share your feelings, they will be keen to have someone to bitch and moan to. Nothing bonds a Scorpio to another human being like the mutual hatred of another human being. And if that doesn’t work, just tell them you have a rose quartz crystal in your pocket. If the energy from the stone doesn’t work, at least they’ll be impressed that you even have a crystal, and that you know which one is the love stone!

How a Scorpio will charm you

They’ll make you feel like the hottest person in the room. When they clock you with their piercing eyes, they’ll wait for you to notice. When most people catch you looking at them, they shyly look away, hoping you didn’t notice. Not Scorpio. They want you to notice. They’ll continue staring at you until you stare right back at them. Once you’ve locked eyes, you’re as good as theirs, and vice versa. They’ll then approach you and start chatting you up, but they rarely engage in small talk – expect deep, intense convos that leave you breathless. They’ll say things that make you gasp, smirk and giggle. You’ll be thinking about this conversation for days afterwards and, more importantly, about the way you felt when they looked at you.


How to charm a Sagittarius

They’re looking for someone who will be an ongoing good time. If you can show them that you’re a hoot and a half and exude positive energy, they’ll be keen to give it a go. Sagittarians aren’t shallow at all, so even if you’re an absolute ten, this alone won’t be enough to impress them. The feature they’re most attracted to in another person is the mind. They value intelligence and humour above all else. They want someone they can have smart, stimulating and hilariously sarcastic convos with. They’re basically auditioning you to be their travel buddy so you’ll need to show that you can keep them entertained on the many flights you’ll soon be taking. They’re also major pet people and will pretty much spend time with anyone who owns a dog, so if you have one, you’re immediately in. If not, borrow a friend’s dog to lure the Sag to you.

How a Sagittarius will charm you

They don’t believe in playing hard to get. They don’t have the time or the patience. So if they’re into you, you’ll bloody well know it. They’re very direct and straightforward in their approach and aren’t too shy to make the first move. Your phone will be blowing up with ‘What you doing?’ texts at all hours of the day and night. You’ll be receiving links to restaurants and bars that they think you’d enjoy and when you show an interest, they’ll volunteer to take you there to explain the menu. They’ll try to win you over by convincing you that they live the absolute best life and that by getting with them, you can too.


How to charm a Capricorn

You’ve really got your work cut out for ya here because Capricorns are tough ones to crack. You might even say they’re the toughest sign to get through to. And typical methods like compliments in the DMs and sweet date invites won’t work on this unyielding sign – you’ll need to impress the hell out of them. They’re so busy killing it in their career, they generally don’t have time to date, so if you want them to fit you into their busy schedule, you’ll have to show them that you’re as ambitious and powerful as they are. Just be authentic. They can sense inauthenticity, and it’s a major turn-off for them. But be warned, you’ll need patience and perseverance, because it’ll take some time to prove to them that their life will be better with you in it. You’ve gotta play the long game here — ‘cos if you try to rush them into anything, they’ll lose interest immediately.

How a Capricorn will charm you

Despite being one of the most serious signs, Capricorns are wickedly funny and they use their dark humour to appeal to people. You’ll laugh your ass off at their savage jokes and brutal sarcasm. They pretty much like to take the piss out of everything, including you. So if you find playful zingers entertaining, you’ve come to the right place. Their little jabs can sometimes go a step too far and end up offending, but rest assured, their intention is only to make you giggle so that you’ll hang around longer. If you can’t take their savage sense of humour then make that clear from the get-go, because once they start ripping on you, it’s hard to make them stop.


How to charm an Aquarius

Be warned, you will most definitely have some competition. You can’t be this cool and unconventional without having folks absolutely swooning over you. But Aquarians don’t care for being worshipped and flattered, they seek genuine connections, so you’ll need to show them you can provide just that, and that you’re not just after them for shallow reasons. When you speak to them, avoid small talk and engage in deep convos about the state of the world and other humanitarian issues. Wow them with how much you care for the environment and other humans. Be a leader rather than a follower. They’ll be spellbound.

How an Aquarius will charm you

This intellectual air sign isn’t one for flirting, they prefer to win you over using the two greatest tools at their disposal, the first one being their wealth of knowledge. They’ll figure out what your passion points are and strike up a convo about that to dazzle you with their mind. The second tool is their social prowess. Aquarians get along with literally everyone, so if they haven’t charmed you right away, they’ll sure as shit charm your mates. Before you know it, everyone will be crushing on them, including you.


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How to charm a Pisces

They have a deep need to feel needed, so allow them to look after you. Be completely open and honest with them, tell them every drama you’ve got going on, from a tiff with your boss to a difficult level on your video game that you can’t unlock. They will make it their mission to help you solve these problems and will enjoy doing so. It actually doesn’t take much to charm a Pisces. They’re deeply romantic, so partake in PDAs, talk about what you want in a relationship, take them on dates that’ll leave them breathless. Just be as sweet and humble as possible. They’ve been burned so many times, all they want is someone who isn’t a dick, so just don’t be one and you’re good.

How a Pisces will charm you

When Pisceans first spot someone they like, they will pretend to be more aloof and mysterious than they actually are. They’ll tactfully find ways to get you to notice them while seeming completely unaware. Hate to disappoint the Pisceans reading this, but no one believes you’re chill and laid-back when it comes to your crushes. But that goofish charm will surely win folks over. And if it doesn’t, fuck ’em. They don’t deserve the endless supply of love that Pisces has to give! It’s hard not to be charmed by these sweet souls. They’re probably one of the most charming signs of all.

This was an extract from How to Spot the (Star) Signs, the debut astrology book by PTV’s Managing Editor Matt Galea. It’s on sale now at Dymocks, Amazon, BooktopiaBig W and most book stores. You can find him on Instagram and TikTok.