Leo Monthly Horoscope: April 2024

Your Leo monthly horoscope is here and it looks like you needa hang on to your yee-haw hat in April 2024!

First up, lemme introduce myself: I’m Matt Galea, PTV’s Managing Editor and resident astrologer. You may have noticed we took a break from our weekly horoscopes last year (and in that time I wrote an astrology book How To Spot The (Star) Signs, if ya wanna check it out), but we’re back with a brand spanking new monthly format and I think you’re gonna like it! This time it’s more comprehensive and in-depth so your sexy lil self can get a better tip-off to what’s gonna go down over the next month.

Okay, enough with the formalities. Here’s the the Leo April 2024 horoscopes!!!

And here’s the master list, if your pals are looking over your shoulder, begging to have their horoscope read next…

Leo April Horoscopes 2024

(July 23 – August 22)

Leo February Horoscope


Things are going to be red hot for you this month as the Sun is in your fellow fire sign Aries. Tap into this fiery energy to ignite passions and dive headfirst into romantic conquests that light your soul on fire.


Pardon the cliche, but this month you’re advised to think outside the box when it comes to werk and creative ideas. Tap into the energy of the New Moon Eclipse in Aries to find the missing piece of the puzzle that is your next career endeavour.


You’re gonna be all about your fam this month, especially around the Full Moon in Scorpio on the 24th. Scorpios are ride-or-dies who are fiercely loyal to their family and care deeply about their bloodline. In doing so, you will learn some value things about your nearest and dearest and ultimately, about yourself.

Important astrology dates for April 2024

Mercury Retrograde in Aries

Monday April 1, 2024 — Thursday April 25, 2024

You know the drill: check all risky texts, allow extra time for travel, don’t sign anything, etc etc. Here’s a guide to surviving Mercury Retrograde, if that helps.

Solar Eclipse in Aries

Monday April 8, 2024

Expect a shake-up not just in your love zone, but with all your relationships. You’re almost a year older and your needs and wants are changing. Don’t be ashamed of them, just be sure to communicate what you need from those around you and be willing to compromise and meet them halfway.

Taurus Season begins

Saturday April 20, 2024

Aside from their stubbornness, Taureans are known for their penchant for naps and snacks. I know, I know, literally everyone on earth loves naps and snacks, but the bull sign is most affiliated with taking it easy and chilling out. So as their energy radiates through the atmosphere for the next month, take a leaf out of their book and enjoy some downtime and pampering.

And that’s all, my friend! Check back in a few weeks time to suss your monthly Leo horoscope when May draws closer.

Matt Galea is PTV’s Managing Editor and resident astrologer. He recently released his first book titled How To Spot The (Star) Signs. You can find him on Instagram and TikTok.