Been in emotional hell lately? Welp, you can blame that on both Cancer (aka moody bitch) season which has been plaguing our lives and making us emotional messes for weeks.

But never fear, my troubled mates, ‘cos Leo season is here to pull us out of Cancer szn’s abyss.


From July 22rd to August 22nd, the sun will be kicking it in the sign of the lion, so it’s time to embrace confidence, self-love and self-care.

As anyone with a Leo mate will know, those folks are all about having a good time, a welcome change from Cancer season which was an emotionally draining sob-fest where all you wanted to do was wallow in self-pity.

Now, Leo season will make you want to channel the confident energy of those Leo babes and love yourself like crazy and focus on nothing but Y-O-U.


This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be an emotionless vixen, however. Leo season is all about saying shit how it is and putting it all out there in the interest of squashing the BS and evolving your relationships with the people around you.

If this means you cut off a few toxic friendships who can’t handle that, so be it.

If this means you call out mates who haven’t been social distancing, so be that too.

It’s also a time to tap into your creativity and put any side hustles, business ventures or arty projects into motion.

Put pen to paper on that novel you’ve always wanted to write, buy some new art supplies and see what you come up with or do something as simple as trying a new Instagram aesthetic.

The biggest takeaway from Leo season is putting plans into action that’ll make you happy. Be selfless for a moment and focus on yourself.