I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here Has Kicked Off & The 2024 Cast Is Truly Star Studded 

After a heap of clues, leaks and speculation, we finally know the identities of the stars heading into the I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here jungle. And I know this show gets shit for its D-list ring-ins but this time I think we’re on to a winner. Not only is the 11-person cast diverse and fun but there are actually some pretty big names in the I’m A Celebrity mix. What a treat! 

So, without further ado, here are the celebrities who will be brushing off bugs, shitting in a drop toilet and chewing on some cow testicles for the next month. 

Here’s The Full Cast For I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here 2024

Denise Drysdale

Go get ’em, Denise!!! (Image: Supplied)

The final celebrity to be heading into the I’m A Celebrity jungle is TV royalty and two-time Gold Logie winner Denise Drysdale!

Although Denise is 75 years young, she determined not to whinge and to give everything a crack.

“For me, my mindset is I’m not going to moan,” she told the Herald Sun before heading into the jungle.

“If there are any problems I’m just going to walk away. I’m at a lovely stage of life where there’s no drama. I’ve got my dog, my cat, my grandchildren and children. I appreciate what I’ve got. I’ll come home loving it all 100 times more.”

Now, that’s the spirit!

Michelle Bridges

Former The Biggest Loser Australia personal trainer Michelle Bridges is headed into the jungle and let me tell you, she’s not there to fuck spiders. 

Michelle is so mentally tough and ready to slay. (Image: Supplied)

According to Michelle, she’s been asked every year to go on the show but this time is the first season that it all worked out. Now, she’s ready to give it a shot and she’s in it to win it. 

Along with being determined to do whatever it takes to win the show for her charity, Woman’s Community Shelters, she’s hoping to show Australia that there’s a lot more to her than what we saw on The Biggest Loser.

“I think there’s I think there’s still a little bit of a hangover from the days of me being the trainer and The Biggest Loser,” she said. 

“Everybody expects me to walk in and take a list of what they’ve just eaten and make them do 50 burpees or I’ll be confrontational — which is just not me, and anybody that knows me knows that. I’ve never been that. It will be kind of fun just to be me.” 

Frankie Muniz

This season’s international former child star is Malcolm In The Middle’s Frankie Muniz!

Now, not every I’m A Celeb season has a solid international star but in my opinion, Season 10 has done a great job convincing Agent Cody Banks to leave his wife and three-year-old son back home in the United States to go sleep amongst the baboons and bugs in the jungle. 

Yes, no, maybe, I don’t know. Can you repeat the question? (Image: Supplied)

Frankie is the second celebrity to be announced and — let’s all be honest here — he is probably going to be the most famous in the lineup. 

Along with the beloved family sitcom Malcolm In The Middle, Frankie was a big ole’ child star who starred in the blockbuster hits like Big Fat Liar and the Agent Cody Banks series. But, at the pinnacle of his career in 2006, he stepped away from Hollywood and the camera to put all of his energy in his passion — car racing — which he now does professionally.

Zoom zoom zoom. (Image: Getty)

Although you’d think the 38-year-old’s job would make him an adrenaline junkie, he assured PEDESTRIAN.TV that he is certainly not.

“I’ve never been skydiving. I’ve never done bungee jumping. I don’t do any extreme sports. I don’t want to get hurt either. Even my bones are old and brittle now so I break easy,” he said with a laugh. 

“That said I’m willing to try things. You know, especially in this environment where food is on the line.”

However, the former child star did note that he is not as adventurous when it comes to the food challenges.

“The biggest fear for me is the food challenges because I don’t eat normal food. I’m a very picky eater, very picky eater,” he explained. 

“So I am going to warn all my campmates pretty early on that if I’m doing a food challenge, we’re going hungry that night, so don’t hold it against me.” 

Callum Hole

Love Island’s Callum Hole has wandered a long, long way from the villa and found himself in the South African jungle. Known for his cheeky personality and his womanizing ways the Welsh personal trainer and former pool boy is ready to throw himself in the deep end on I’m A Celeb

He’s got the best last name in the business if you ask me. (Image: Supplied)

But after a chat with Callum, it became pretty clear that he has no fucking clue what he’s getting himself into.  

“I don’t know much at all. Like, all I know is I’m gonna be out in the jungle. And I gotta like get like stars or something and get food, and if you don’t get stars you don’t really get fed,” he said.

“I learned recently that like even when we do get fed, I thought that I was gonna be getting like burgers and chips and stuff but apparently like even if you do get the stars your foods that you’re rewarded with like crocodile foot and stuff so I’m not really sure what the reward is.”

My nuggets tell me this pretty boy is going to struggle without a hairdryer. (Image: Instagram)

Although the poor doll is going to be in for a world of hurt, he says he’s not afraid to get his graft on in the jungle.  

“I won’t have any food, I’ve got no social media, I’ve got like no gym or anything like that. So like, if there’s gonna be attractive women in there I probably would start getting my rizz on.” 

Khanh Ong

In every season of I’m A Celeb, there has got to be a chef. Otherwise, the celebs would be a bunch of crotchety, hungry gremlins. Thankfully, this season’s effervescent MasterChef Australia and Australia Survivor: Blood v Water star Khanh Ong has come on board and he’s more than happy to take the reigns of the food in camp. 

Can confirm, Khanh is an absolute JOY. (Image: Supplied)

“Food makes me really feel safe and I’m naturally a feeder. So for me, nothing would make me happier than making sure that the camp is well fed,” he said, before shoving a plate of freshly baked brownies in front of me during our pre-show interview.

“I know that like it’s beans and rice without the other stuff that we get given but like I did a lot with beans and rice on Survivor so I can do this.” 

Khanh has lost MasterChef twice so fingers crossed he has more luck on I’m A Celeb. (Image: Channel Ten)

And, just like the line of talented chefs before him, Khanh may be considering smuggling in some contraband into the jungle to make the camp food just that little bit more delicious, with pre-packed bags of spice mix for beans, sugar, milk powder, and of course, coffee ready to go. If he decides to break the rules, that is.  

Let’s pray for his campmates that he does. 

Candice Warner

By now, I think it’s pretty clear that former Iron Woman Candice Warner loves a challenge. After going on SAS Australia — another incredibly difficult reality show — and absolutely slaying, I think Candice is one to watch in the jungle.

Mentally tough and physically strong, I don’t think she’ll have an issue with the challenges that involve people jumping off a cliff. Her only struggle? Being away from her kiddos.

“Without a doubt, they’ll be my strength when I’m up for a challenge because I’ll be thinking about my family and my kids. I know they’ll be going, ‘Come on mum’ and I don’t want to let them down and disappoint them because they’ll go to school and then it’d be pretty embarrassing if their mom chickened out.

Trust me, she’s one to watch. (Image: Supplied)

“But with so much downtime, it’ll be time for me to reflect and think about my kids and my husband and just our life. That’s when I’ll start to struggle.”

Ellie Cole

The next celeb landing in the I’m A Celeb jungle is retired Paralympian turned commentator Ellie Cole. During her time as a professional swimmer, she amassed a whopping 17 medals for Australia, including six gold medals. Not too fkn shabby, hey? 

Ellie is this year’s superfan. (Image: Supplied)

As a massive fan of the show herself, Ellie has seen every single episode and has been gunning to give it a try for a while now but her career as a professional athlete made the scheduling too tricky. Once she retired, she told her manager that she’d do anything to go on the show. 

“I wanted to do it last year and we had a few discussions with the team but it didn’t get through. I think there’s a lot of hurdles that we have to jump with having a disability in the jungle in terms of like insurances and stuff so we couldn’t make it happen in time.”

This year, all stations were go — despite the fact that Ellie and her partner Silvia just had a baby boy, Felix, a month ago.

Ellie is a paralympic legend. (Image: Instagram)

“We were like three or four months pregnant when I got that call,” she said. Excitedly, she called Silvia just to see what she’d think. Thankfully, she was incredibly supportive. 

“She’s like, you’ve always wanted to do this show. Go for it, kind of thing. When you’re three months pregnant, you know there will be a baby around but I didn’t realise how attached I’d be to him. So yeah, it’s been it was really hard to leave. But he’s not gonna remember that I’ve been gone.”

Skye Wheatley

I’d like to take this opportunity to say “I told you so” with this one. The mega-influencer heading into the jungle is the one and only Skye Wheatley. Today, Skye is a mum of two boys, has her own booty programs and is a YouTuber but she first got her start on another live reality television show — Big Brother — in 2014. 

When Skye walked in, she described herself as an “influenzer”. Good one. (Image: Supplied)

With her big personality and 100 km/hour talking speed, she was an incredibly entertaining figure on the show. After a cheeky interview with the influencer, it’s pretty clear she’s going to be a big hit. 

Although I’d rather tear out my own nipple piercings than go on the show, Skye said yes the second she was approached.

When they called, I said, ‘Babe, I’ll do it for free’,” she said. 

“Don’t don’t pay me I’ll be there. I’m coming.” 

(Image: Instagram)

Although she’s excited, Skye isn’t under any false pretences about the show. In fact, she’s had a taste of the show by being a production stand-in for the British version of I’m A Celeb.

“People watching back home would be like, ‘Oh, that’s easy’. But in the moment I can reassure you it’s not. I’ve experienced it as a stand-in and before doing it, I was like, ‘Oh, I’m fine.’

“I’m not like a super princessy type of gal but I shocked myself in how fearful and scared I actually was when it was happening. So you can look at a situation and be like, I’d be fine in that situation. But when you’re in it is completely different.” 

Stephen K Amos

Although I’m bummed I didn’t guess it, beloved British comedian Stephen K Amos is the funnyman heading to the jungle for Season Ten. 

Go on then, tell us a joke!!!! (Image: Supplied)

Although Stephen’s identity was teased by saying he was beloved by the royal family, he’s not too impressed by the rhetoric surrounding Kate Middleton

“I’m really hoping that that that’s the big twist,” he quipped, before her cancer was announced

“But I can’t imagine that kind of press scrutiny for somebody who has just undergone a major operation. I mean, yes, they’re in the public eye. Yes, people go. We pay for the walls that. But you know, some people need a bit of privacy.” 

Tristan MacManus

I really should have guessed that a Studio 10 star would be heading into the jungle. After all, following the show being nixed in December last year, the hosts would’ve had a little bit more time on their hands. One of those people is former Dancing With The Stars judge turned Studio 10 presenter Tristan MacManus. 

He’s heading into the jungle to hopefully win some cashola for his charity, The Little Legs Foundation. Also, side note, this man has beautiful skin. I hope one of his campmates asks him to recount his skincare routine in the jungle so I can take some notes.

Peter Daicos

It wouldn’t be I’m A Celeb without an AFL player, would it? This season, Collingwood great Peter Daicos is giving up his creature comforts to see how he goes in the jungle. 

You can take the man off the footy field, but you can’t take the footy photo pose out of the man. (Image: Supplied)

While many of the other celebs are willing to shout from the rooftops what they don’t want to see in the jungle, Peter is playing it coy.

“I’ve kept the phobias close to my chest,” he said. 

“No one likes snakes. I have been bitten by a snake before so I have full recollections of what that was like. Whatever they throw at me, I’m just going to try and meet it head-on and see how I go.”

With the footy stars, it’s always interesting to see what makes them crack.

Brittany Hockley

On Wednesday, podcaster and radio personality Brittany Hockley was revealed as the first person to be heading to the jungle to potentially chomp on some cow bollocks!!

Okay but she is slaying in this jungle fit?!?!?! (Image: Supplied)

While she’s dabbled with reality television on The Bachelor before, she’s ready to show the public that she’s just not the glamorous, girly-girly that she seems like. 

“I think there’s a misconception of who I am,” she explained, noting the comments saying she won’t survive a day in the jungle.

“I didn’t stay in a hotel until I was 18, my entire life is camping and my family was in a four-wheel drive club.

“Although one girl that followed me was like, ‘it couldn’t be Britney going into the jungle, she’s got too many appointments. I was like, wow so true, I do have a lot of skin appointments.” 

“I’m so pumped. I’m so chuffed, but I’m also petrified, and I’m very nervous and I’m very anxious,” Hockley shared.

“I’m petrified of spiders and snakes, heights. I have this weird fear that there’s going to be a hippopotamus that’s going to be chilling in one of the pools.”

In the same video, she then joked that everyone told her to prepare, and in order to train for the jungle, Hockley slurped on some saucy pasta like she was about to slurp down some cow cum — a real challenge on I’m A Celeb BTW.

Not to brag, or anything, but we’ve guessed that Hockley would be one of the fortunate famous folks who will be raw dogging the depths of the South African jungle earlier this month. This was due to a bonus clue from host Julia Morris where she mentioned that a member from The Pick Up would be joining them in the wild.

Even with Hockley, Daicos and Muniz’s reveal, there are still a bunch of clues about the lineup of celebs who will be dropped into the jungle to face their fear of heights, animals and questionable snacks.

Every I’m A Celebrity 2024 lineup clue

1. A Hollywood child star

We now know this is Malcolm In The Middle star Frankie Muniz, but before he entered the jungle, I thought it could be Jamie-Lyn Spears, Frankie Grande or Jack Osbourne.

2. A mega influencer

At first I guessed Harry Jowsey because of his previous connections with Channel 10’s show The Amazing Race, but after a clue was released showing a blonde woman’s long flowing hair, I knew instantly that it would be former Big Brother star turned influencer Skye Wheatley. I love being right!!!!

3. A glamorous sports star

With this clue, I knew it was a star who had graced the covers of magazines. I guessed Matilda’s star Mary Fowler or swimmer Stephanie Rice. But it turned out that the real glamorous sports star heading into the jungle was Iron Woman Candice Warner.

4. A comedian beloved by the royal family

This person was also said to have connections to the royal family and, as a result, we thought it might be comedians Jack Whitehall or Ross Noble. However, it was funnyman Stephen K Amos who wandered into the jungle. He’s done so much amazing work on Aussie television that I’m bummed I didn’t guess him!!

5. TV Celebrity cook

I was right about this one! Beloved MasterChef star Khanh Ong was the perfect choice to head into the jungle. Not only is he a great cook who will provide for his camp mates, he’s hilarious and sassy. He’s going to be a joy to watch.

6. A controversial TV star

I was SO far off on this one that it’s not even funny. I guessed a Pete Evans or George Calmonbaris who both happened to be chefs. But it turns out the controversial star was former The Biggest Loser Australia star, Michelle Bridges. Speaking to fitness professional, I feel like she’s ready to clear the air. She wants Australia to get to know her for more than just her past.

7. A trailblazing gold medallist

I was waaaaaay off for this one. I guessed that it would be Mack Horton or Ian Thorpe but to my pleasant surprise it was Ellie Cole! Ellie is a legendary paralympian and she’s already slaying the first water-based challenge on the show. I think she’s going to go far on this show.

8. An AFL legend

Look, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I have no idea about AFL. I guessed Buddy Franklin, but it was Collingwood legend Peter Daicos who drop-kicked himself into the jungle. That’s a footy term, right?

9. A TV love rat

Nope, it wasn’t Ciarran Stott or Felix Von Hofe. The TV love rat is Love Island’s Callum Hole — who I believe has the perfect name for a reality star who might one day start an OnlyFans.

10. International stage sensation

I was SO wrong for this one. When I actually went back to look at my article, I think I got it mixed up with the child star and started guessing child stars who had a stint in broadway. Sorry about that, gang.

Anyway, it turns out the international stage sentation is Irish dancer, television presenter and noted hot man Tristan MacManus. Nice one!

11. A gold Logie winner

I was completely wrong! The Gold Logie winner was Denise Drysdale who has taken home a Gold shiny boy not once, but twice!!!

The hosts who will join the I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here 2024 cast

Robert Irwin

Robert Irwin is the latest edition to the I’m A Celeb hosting duo. Previously, tall blonde man and vet Dr Chris Brown had been hosting the show alongside Julia Morris. But when he decided to move on to other opportunities in April 2023, it left room for a slightly smaller blonde man who likes animals to fill the role. And naturally, Robert Irwin was the perfect fit.

As the only nepo baby that I think the people can truly get behind, it’s in Robert’s blood to be presenting on a show that has so much to do with wildlife and animals.

I can only imagine how proud his dad Steve Irwin would be.

Our wildlife king!!! (Image: Getty)

Julia Morris

Beloved Aussie comedian, actress and performer Julia Morris has been hosting I’m A Celeb since its very first season in 2015. But by no means was that the start of Julia’s career. She’s been a mainstay of the Australian entertainment scene ever since 1995 when she joined the sketch comedy series Full Frontal.

Since then, she’s appeared as her hilarious self in Thank God You’re Here, The Project, The Living Room and Hughsey, We Have A Problem, just to name a few. As an actor, she appeared in my mum’s favourite show — House Husbands.

More recently, Julia appeared as the Kitten on The Masked Singer in 2020. And, has even copped nominations for the TV WEEK Gold Logie in 2019, 2022 and 2023.

So, in short, she’s a fkn star.

When will we know the confirmed cast list for Season 10?

Just like my ex, the good people behind I’m A Celeb know how to keep us on the hook. We won’t know the entire confirmed cast list for Season 10 until the show premieres. But don’t worry, we’ll keep you up to date here with all the clues, the best guesses and any sneak peeks.

Once the cast is confirmed, we’ll also have the tea so keep your eyes peeled!!!!

When does I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here 2024 premiere?

The long-awaited 2024 season of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here premiered on March 24 at 7:30pm and god it was a good episode.

They genuinely chucked the celebrities off a mountain and blasted them with bugs. Incredible, I want more.

Where can I watch I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here?

I’m A Celeb will air on Channel 10 and on-demand at 10Play. If you just can’t wait for the new season, you can head to 10Play to catch up on previous seasons of the show.

Image source: Channel 10 / The Bachelor