Dom Calarco Reveals What Went Down After She Called KAK A C*nt In *That* I’m A Celeb Scrap

Domenica Calarco is the latest celeb to be booted from the jungle on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here. While it’s sad to see the straight-talking reality star leave the camp, the good news is she’s finally spilled more details about her little spat with living fossil Kerri-Anne Kennerley.

Upon her shock elimination from the show on Tuesday night, the former Married At First Sight star has been hitting the media to give us the facts about what went on during *that* moment.

Speaking to, Domenica admitted that she did call KAK a see ya next Tuesday like Ian “Dicko” Dickson claimed. but while she said she regrets the language she used, she doesn’t regret popping off at the TV star.

During an interview on The Project, she elaborated.

“Yeah look, my choice of language wasn’t great and I do sincerely regret my way of articulating during that conversation but I don’t take back how I felt,” Domenica told the hosts. 

“In the moment it was really tense, it was frustrating. We’re all starving back at camp and to see someone just blatantly not want to participate was really disheartening. And you know, we’re all starving.”

“In the jungle you have to be selfless so for me to see that power imbalance and to see someone who didn’t even want to give it a go, it was really frustrating and I kind of just let loose. It was unfortunate that it kind of ended that way,” she said.

Domenica also joked that her now iconic phrase, “I don’t want your 1989 Revlon lipstick, darls”, has boosted Revlon’s sales.

But according to Domenica’s chat with, after she found out KAK yeeted herself from the jungle, she privately asked producers to pass on an apology to her.

“I haven’t spoken to her personally because I was in the jungle but I had passed on a message to her,” she told the publication.

“I have apologised for my language, it was unbecoming. I wouldn’t use that language again, now that I’m fed.”

Which, is probably the most relatable thing she’s ever said. I, too, can’t be held responsible for what I say when I’m hungry.

ICYMI, last Wednesday Ian ‘Dicko’ Dickson spoke to Kyle & Jackie O after leaving the I’m A Celeb jungle.

While he weighed in on being “a boomer” and how his outspoken nature wouldn’t cut it on shows like Australian Idol these days, he addressed what really went down between Dom and KAK.

You know, the stuff we really want to know.

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When the altercation came up in conversation, Dicko asked host Jackie ‘O’ Henderson what scenes made it to air, prompting Dicko to exclaim that we hadn’t even seen the half of it.

“Can I tell you, it got a little bit more heated after that,” he said.

When Jackie O asked why he thinks it didn’t make it to air, he replied, “Well, because it might have involved the C-bomb.”


“Listen, all I can say is it was one of the most remarkable things I have ever seen. Not least because my friend Woody sitting opposite me was munching down hungrily on a kudu testicle while it was all happening. It was just bizarre,” he recalled. 

Although you’d think it might have been a tad awkward for Dicko and fellow campmate Woody Whitelaw to sit at the same table while two women absolutely shredded each other to pieces, but turns out he was cool with it.

“It was awesome, are you kidding? This was one of the biggest blow ups on reality TV and I couldn’t be blamed for it,” he said.

All jokes aside, Dicko gave us some BTS insight about what really went down after the fight.

“[KAK] was all class as you would imagine. She is the queen of television. I think she was a bit upset after, as you would imagine, but we were all ushered away, and she went back to camp on her own,” he said. 

“Look, to be honest, Domenica was in the wrong. She really should not have blown up like that but she’s a feisty Westie and she went from nought to gremlin in five seconds.

“You’re never going to die wondering with Dom. She’s a whip smart woman but she’s fierce as and that’s why she’s great on the show. She doesn’t hide anything, she doesn’t pull her punches,” he explained.

When he was asked why he thinks KAK decided to finally enter the jungle, he said he had no bloody clue.

“I’ve known KAK for years, right, I’ve played golf with her. She’s a lovely, lovely person and she’s a tough bird but I don’t think she googled the show,” he said.

ICYMI: After the blow up, Kerri-Anne left the show in a teary display by saying those faithful words “I’m a celebrity, get me out of here!”

Since then, Kerri-Anne has copped some heat for her time on the show. Specifically for the extra comforts written into her contract, the rumours of her pay check being bigger than the prize given to charity, how she blatantly refused to participate in challenges and the way she straight-up lied to her campmates about the final challenge.

You know, just a couple of things.