There are a lot of ways to train before appearing on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here. Working out, psyching yourself up for being away from family, you know, the usual. But Abbie Chatfield had a trick up her sleeve: guzzling cum.

“I’m not gonna lie guys, in training for the jungle I swallowed cum for the first time in six years to prepare for tucker trials,” Chatfield wrote in an Insta post.

In the description she elaborated: “ONE MAN in 6 years has had the privilege.”

The tucker trials, for those not paying attention, is when contestants on I’m A Celeb must eat the grossest shit imaginable to win those big gold stars.

On Wednesday’s episode, Chatfield had to eat unspecified animal bum and a pig’s snout while her fellow celebs Ash Williams and Colin Fassnidge had to eat similarly disgusting things (no word yet if they prepared the same way Abbie did).

“Also, it worked,” she added.

“FYI I hate cum x.”

Girl, same.

While there was a bit of gagging going on, that’s to be expected. However, a bit of spew also came out.

But ultimately Chatfield was able to down everything put on a plate before her, because as they say, spitters are indeed quitters.

No word yet as to who the lucky (or unlucky, considering the negative cum publicity) bloke is, but suffice to say, his group chats are probably going off at the moment.

For speculation’s sake, I’m just gonna leave this here. Make of it what you will.

As if we needed yet another excuse to say it, let me just reiterate that downing a bloke’s cum to prepare yourself for the roughest of jungle conditions is pure, unadulterated queen shit.

We now know that while cum may be an acquired taste, it’s powerful enough to help Abbie Chatfield eat even grosser stuff on TV. Knowledge is power.