Abbie Chatfield & Danny Clayton Spark Dating Rumours & If This Doesn’t Pan Out, Love Is A Lie

Don’t be fooled by the many, many romantic failures we’ve seen play out in the reality TV sphere this year, love is real and it might be closer than you think, i.e. in the heart of Gemini queen Abbie Chatfield who unveiled a new ~romance~ on Instagram last night.

Abbie Chatfield – one of few redeemable contenders in Bachelor history, if you ask me – shared a bunch of loved-up snaps with former Channel V presenter, Danny Clayton and fuck me, what a handsome couple.

“Joyous vibes,” Abbie captioned the sweet shot where she can be seen resting her head on his chest. [V] cute.

They also killed us with cuteness via the Insta Stories. In one piccy, Abbie admits that she “had a crush” on Danny as a kid when he was on Channel V so being his wedding date is a “dream come true.”

Another pic, originally posted by Puberty Blues actress Charlotte Best, references Abbie’s Bachie past and indicates that Danny gave Abbie the final rose.

Despite Osher Günsberg not being present to officiate the ceremony, it’s still very much legit and I won’t hear different.

So the big question is: what the heck is going on with these two?

Well, I spoke to Abbie and she said that while the “status of our relationship” is unclear, at the moment they “aren’t *official*.” But never say never!

Romance rumours have been surrounding these crazy kids since June, when the pair were spotted on a date in Bondi. A few weeks later, Danny appeared on an episode of Abbie’s podcast It’s A Lot With Abbie Chatfield. Basically they recorded their impressions of each other while on the date, which became the topic of a v. special episode.

Going out with someone and having them discuss the date while on the date and infusing it into an ep of your podcast is a major power move and I bow down to the sheer brilliance.

Have a listen here and you’ll notice that the sexual tension is palpable. If this love story doesn’t pan out, then I retract my previous statement: love is a LIE (but my fingers and toes are crossed that it’s not and that these two cuties get together!!!).