I’m A Celeb May Have Accidentally Leaked Some Upcoming Contestants Via Their IG Following List

Folks, I’ve done it. I think I’ve cracked the code to decipher which celebrities will be appearing in the upcoming 2024 season of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here — and it’s all thanks to the official I’m A Celeb Instagram account.

In the lead-up to each new series, the I’m A Celeb IG account posts clues about the celebs who will be dropped into the jungle. Naturally, as PEDESTRIAN.TV’s Entertainment Reporter, I keep a close eye on these clues and love hypothesising about who these stars could be. But as I checked in on the IG page last night, I decided to have a sneaky look at who the account was following to see if the list held any answers.

To my surprise and glee, I feel like I stumbled on a goldmine.

There were a bunch of celebrities who fit the descriptions of the clues. My interest was piqued so I took some cheeky screenshots.

Of course, the account is following other Channel 10 shows and I’m A Celeb‘s new host Robert Irwin, his famous family and Wildlife Warriors Worldwide. But it’s also following a bunch of other interesting names that fit the descriptions of the clues.

Interestingly, however, the page follows the names of some people I already guessed in my previous article.

Take for example Mack Horton and Ian Thorpe — two Aussie Olympic gold medalists. As per the clue, “a gold medallist is diverting from Paris to the African jungle. Word is, they’re a real trailblazer.”

Or Ross Noble and Jack Whitehall — British comedians who are “loved by the royals”.

While I think this double-up per category is to throw me off the scent, I do think this list holds some juicy answers.

There are some names on the list that I didn’t guess, like Modern Family‘s Jesse Tyler. Both of these stars fit the clue: “Which International Stage Sensation is ditching their famous family for the African jungle?”

But here’s where the story gets juicy.

When I went back to check if there were any updates on the list this morning, the I’m A Celeb account no longer follows many of the celebs in the pic, only following celebrities that have already had an affiliation with the show or have appeared in the past.

See what I mean?!??!

We’re onto something!!!! I can feel it in my nuggets!!!!

Also, even though he doesn’t fit any clue so far, I’d just bloody love it if Osher Gunsberg was in the jungle. Fingers crossed his inclusion in the following list is an unlikely hit.

Anyway, there’s nothing I love more than being right. So while, we don’t know for sure if this list means anything, all of my fingers and toes are crossed that I am correct.