Just Gonna Say It: It’s Time We Got Behind Osher Günsberg To Win The Gold Logie

Osher Günsberg has many forms. On television, he’s the man with the perfect hair whispering on The Bachelor. He’s also the guy in the beautifully tailored suit screaming on The Masked Singer. In your headphones, he’s the guy on a podcast trying to make us all better one episode at a time, and then on TikTok… well, I have no fucking idea what he’s going for, but it’s incredible.

What I’m trying to say is, it’s about time Osher, or as I like to call him, The Big O took home the TV WEEK Gold Logie. Not just for his contribution to Aussie television, but also, for how desperately the bloke wants it.

Back in the day as a lil’ media intern with big dreams working for free, I remember transcribing an interview with Osher. I was stoked to do it, because well, as an intern anything like that is fkn exciting. During the chat, he spoke about how badly he’d love a Logie. It was earnest. It was heartfelt. At one point, it even got a little bit awkward.

And if that wasn’t enough, one of my colleagues has a similar story too. Ever since, I’ve been watching the Logie nominations in the hopes that Australia’s favourite Cupid might get one.

I’m sorry but look at this tender moment between The Big O and the Gold Logie. So heartfelt and intimate. (Image Source: Getty Images / Hanna Lassen, TV WEEK)

This year, both of our dreams came true. And while he certainly had my vote from the get-go, I never expected Osh-dog to go absolutely ham on social media in the hopes of gaining some votes.

In case you don’t know, here’s a quick rundown of how the TV WEEK Logie awards work. The actual Logie awards are divided into two camps. You’ve got the outstanding categories, which are voted by people within the television industry and then you’ve got the popular awards, voted by the public.

The Gold is the big boy, the most prestigious, and it’s an entirely public vote. Although the rest of the votes for the other awards are counted a few hours before the awards ceremony begins, the Gold Logie stays open right up to the end of the long-ass ceremony. 

For those up for the Gold Logie, it’s fairly normal behaviour to campaign on social media to get those votes. After all, if you’re on Aussie TV, I’d say it’s the pinnacle of awards.

While The Big O is playing it pretty chill on Twitter and Instagram, sharing some memories from his vast 25-year career, on TikTok, things are starting to get ~weird~.

Don’t believe me? Let’s have a look to see what Osher, or more likely, some perfectly cooked intern, is creating.

It’s art, isn’t it? A perfect way to connect with the Gen Z audience who normally wouldn’t give two flying fucks about the Logies.

In the past there’s been some discussion about celebs being out and proud about wanting to win a Logie and their social media campaigns to get one.

In 2019, Tom Gleeson was nominated for the Gold. He started his own campaign on social media which took the piss at other celebs who were… uh… campaigning. But despite the slight contradiction, his take was hilarious and Australia got behind him.

The Hard Quiz host ended up winning the shiny boi, and in his speech, he talked some serious shit about how silly the whole process is. While many people got behind the comedian for taking the piss, as comedians typically do, it really ticked some people off – especially those who viewed the Logies as a celebration of Aussie TV.

Since then, we haven’t seen as many full-on campaigns as we have in the past and that’s a bloody shame. But thankfully, Osher has decided to drive this thing home in the most glorious unhinged way I’ve ever seen.

Personally, I’m hoping that the should-be-hair-model’s nomination will inspire others to put their whole Osh-ussies into taking this shit seriously too. Because while the Logies may seem like a big cheesy circle-jerk, I think it’s so important to celebrate the incredible content and talent that we have on our screens.

I may sound like a boomer but while it might not seem “cool” to outwardly want an award recongising your achievements, everyone fkn wants their hard work to be acknowledged.

(Image Source: Getty Images / Chris Hyde)

I love how honest Osher is being with his audience, not only literally telling people how much this nomination means for him, but fighting until the end to make it come true.

In my eyes, that’s the spirit that’s enabled him to work his ass off for 25 years to be recognised for his work. That’s why he’s up for the nomination and that’s why I think we should all get behind him to win.


If you want to vote for The Big O , click HERE.

(Image Source: Getty Images / Hanna Lassen, TV WEEK)