WATCH: Osher Günsberg Goes Full Bachie In Quest For An Elusive Gold Logie

Tis’ the season to be assaulted on a daily basis with Australia’s creamiest crop of TV talent wooing us to sling them some votes for the 2017 Logie Awards, with the big channels beginning to throw their weight behind their respective, aesthetically blessed front runners.

One such erstwhile contender however is shunning the usual “VOTE FOR THIS PERSON PLZ” network advertisements and hitting the internet hard for dem sweet, sweet votes and it’s none other then perfect-hair owner, and renowned envelope dispenser Osher Günsberg.
The former Channel [V] and Australian Idol host, now more-known in his rightful position as Supreme Overlord and host of Channel 10’s The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, Oshy boy has been dropping dank memes and ~viral~ internet goodies for the past few weeks, having obviously comprehended our unending thirst for spicy online content. 

That’s right. 18 long years, Jack. Vote now

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Today’s slice of dank is easily the best so far, with Osh envisioning his own version of the now iconic Bachie-style intro video, except instead of pining for someone from the opposite sex to smooch forever, our boy’s softly-lit, long-held-gaze-jammed quest is for something a lil’ bit more important. A Gold fuckin’ Logie.
“I’m Osher from Brisbane, I’m 42 and I’m going on this journey, because I’m hoping to meet the one.” 

Go get ’em Osher. We salute you and your quest for Gold Logie glory. 

 You can chuck Günsy a vote for the TV Week Gold Logie, right here.
Photo: Twitter / Osher Günsberg