Wholesome Reality TV Dad Osher Günsberg Is Penning A Tell-All Memoir

In news that will please every connossieur of Australian reality television, renowned TV host-with-the-most Osher Günsberg has gone and landed himself a book deal.

well played, Osh mate

HarperCollins announced today that they will be publishing Osher’s as-yet-untitled tome in September 2018.

Obviously we hope there’s at least an entire chapter dedicated to his famous hair. And we’re frothing for shitloads of goss from his days as a Channel [V] presenter in the late 90s and early 00s, as well as behind-the-scenes dirt from Australian Idol and The Bachelor/Bachelorette.

But the publisher revealed that it would not only focus on his stellar career as a radio and TV host, but also his battle with mental illness.

In a statement announcing the book, HarperCollins said:

Struggling with anxiety, panic attacks and weight issues since he was young, he tried for years to drink away the anxiety and depression. In 2014, he ended up unemployed, divorced, and battling psychosis on the other side of the world – yet somehow he managed to put the broken pieces back together and make a life for himself again. He lives with a mental illness yet shows it’s no barrier to an authentic, rich and fulfilling life if that illness is well managed.

Osher himself added that he’s “excited” about spilling his guts in a memoir, saying: “I hope this book will play a small part in addressing the stigma around mental illness and help foster an environment of understanding and compassion”.

Truly an Aussie legend, both on and off screen.