Osher Günsberg Has Made His Pick For Bachelor 2021 And The Internet Agrees With His Choice

It’s a brand new year which means brand new seasons of your fave reality shows are on the way, such as The Bachelor.

Last year, the dating series selected a bloke from outside the franchise, but within the Channel Ten family, Locky Gilbert, of Survivor fame.

But who do we think will score the coveted Bachelor position this year?

If host Osher Günsberg has his way, it’ll be last year’s Bachelorette contestant and fan fave, Shannon.

“Ok – Shannon for Bach 2021. There I said it. Mr Polynesia, let’s go,” Osh tweeted.

“I’ll fire up the steamer and get the tux ready if you want it.”

And it appears social media agrees with Osher’s Bachelor pick as punters took to Twitter to express their love of the Polynesian king.



Shannon. For. Bachelor. 2021!!!

ICYMI: Shannon got rejected by big sis Becky Miles last season during the hometown visits and he took it with a champ.

Becky was full on tearing up, meanwhile Shannon was taking it like a total champ and telling her not to be upset over it.

Honestly, same.

“I’ll be upset over this for a while, but life goes on,” he said in the confessional following his devastating rejection and look, he’s not wrong.

“To fall in love with someone is a beautiful thing,” the Bachelor hopeful concluded.

Feel like reliving Bachelorette 2020? Catch up via TenPlay.