WATCH: Lee Lin Chin Puts “Lover” Osher Gunsberg In The Shame Hammock

Why there aren’t giant, gilded statues of Lee Lin Chin ensconced in every major city in this country yet is completely and utterly BEYOND US.

The woman is a treasure. A national icon. She should be shrouded in gold at all times.
And you – yes, you – can help correct that last shortcoming, thanks to the glory that is the Gold Logie.
Voting for the annual TV Week Logie Awards is open as we speak, meaning you can go to the Logies website right now and slap down a vote for for Lee Lin in the category she was born to dominate – Best Personality on Australian Television.
Also, if you feel like it, you can *technically* vote for other people as well. Like Osher Gunsberg, for example.
Although Lee Lin doesn’t seem terribly keen on letting Osher out of her harem long enough for that to succeed.
Don’t just take our word for it, though. Let the sage wisdom from the woman herself steel your democratic resolve.