Queen of the Universe / our Blogster Awards 2015 host / national treasure Lee Lin Chin has begun her devastating Gold Logie campaign, leaving all dead in her wake. 
This time, she has roped in Shadow Minister for Infrastructure and occasional sick DJ, Anthony ‘Albo’ Albanese, who she has also deemed to be ‘sexy’. 
As per usual, LLC shuts shit down, mixing her Logies campaign with one to be ‘Prime Chinister’, telling ‘sexy’ Albo to be quiet, and demanding he close out her campaign vid with a fkn sick horn remix. 
When the beat drops, you will vote. She’ll know if you don’t. (No pingers necessary.)

Lee Lin for Logies win: ft. DJ Anthony ‘Sexy’ Albanese

Time to get breezy with DJ Anthony ‘sexy’ Albanese, the official musical act for Lee Lin Chin’s 2016 Logies campaign.#LeeLinforLogieswin #PrimeChinister #TheFeedSBS

Posted by SBS 2 on Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Source: Lee Lin Chin’s terrifying/beautiful mind. And Facebook.