So Waleed Aly is the new toast of Australian TV, taking home the highly coveted Gold Logie with a glittering, intelligent, humble acceptance speech. Exactly the personality traits that helped him gain the award in the first place.

That’s wonderful. That’s a watershed moment in the annals of Australian entertainment.

And yet, Aly winning meant that benevolent dragon god Lee Lin Chin went home empty handed (trophy-wise, at least).

SBS‘s Forever Woman was among the nominees for the Gold Logie, and had even gone so far as to call “her” own shot 12 months ago.

But despite that, and subsequent murderous threats…

…it was simply not to be this time.

But do not, even for a second, think that this means Lee Lin ended the night completely uncrowned. Oh, lord no.

As is tradition for the Logies, practically the entire Australian television industry ventured out into the good Melbourne night following the event, and proceeded to get absolutely sloshed.

Attending the Channel Seven-hosted party at Crown Towers, Chin reportedly ascended to her rightful place atop the braying masses, anointed ruler upon high by her peers and carried and revered as such.

Reps for Seven stated that at one point party revellers decided to hoist Lee Lin Chin up into the air, and chair her around like a THE TRUE FUCKING MONARCH THAT SHE IS.

The Logies might have granted Waleed with the trophy he so richly deserves. But never forget it was on this night that the true Queen finally got her crown.

Lee Lin Chin Got Carried Out Of A Post-Logies Party Like A Goddamned Queen


Source: Herald Sun.

Photo: Robert Cianflone/Getty.