Osher Günsberg To Guest Program ABC’s ‘Rage’, Has Finally Made It

Osher Gunsberg Announces He Will Program Tonight's Rage On The ABC

I still remember clearly the sweet sweet days of my tween-hood, waking up early to catch Rage on the ABC and hit record so I could forever memorialise my fave band and their super cool music vid on a blank VCR, minus the first 30-odd seconds of course. Yes, I’m talking about those video tapes that no longer exist. I’m old now, whatever.

That went double for when my favourite band was programming. Then of course I turned into an angsty teen, with a grungy as fuck all-girl garage band, laughably certain that we’d make it and dreaming of one day being invited to take the coveted programming job ourselves.

Needless to say, we did not make it. But you know who just did? Osher Günsberg.

Sure he’s hosted many a show before, like Australian Idol when those types of shows were still new and exciting and he’s watching over Bachie right now but only now has he truly ‘made’ it.

Taking a little breather from helping crazy kids and the ‘influencers’ who ship them find love, Osher is set to take the wheel for Rage’s show. And the best part is, you don’t even have to wake up early!

It’s tonight at 11.30pm. Because honestly, after the age of like 14, who wants to wake up early on a Saturday? He’s promising a mix of Dragonforce, Tribe Called Quest and Hanson and frankly, I’m here for it.