It feels like about a million blokes named Matty have held the title of Australia’s Bachelor, but in fact, it’s just two – Matthew Johnson and Matt Agnew – and this morning, host Osher Günsberg was forced to choose his favourite out of the pair.

Osh was a guest on Matty J’s Nova 96.9 breakfast show today when he was asked to make the tough choice, and frankly, it was a bit of a difficult spot to put him in. I mean, one Matty was right there in front of him, and the other is currently on the bloody show itself.

So who did he pick? Ever the diplomat, he said that both have their winning qualities, telling the team:

“To be honest you know, someone like Matt Agnew, he’ll look at the whole thing from a much more scientific point of view and just assess the situations rather than be lead with his hormones, but Matty J, great, look, just such a winning smile and those dimples! But when Matt Agnew just starts talking about like the big bounce and string theory, I’m just in awe [of] how clever he is!”

So there you have it.

When asked about his own relationship with the host, Matty J replied:

“Well look, it’s purely aesthetic isn’t it!  I’m just a bit of eye candy to Osher really! I do remember when we were shooting The Bachelor, there were times I’d get my makeup done and I’d be sitting next to him and I’d say hey mate how are you? and he would say, isn’t it fascinating you know that we live in this ecosystem that is so capable of fulfilling life forms beyond a certain.. and I was just like … oh god … I just wanted to talk about how I did a fart before!”

Image: Getty Images / Faith Moran