Shit. It happened again.

Two genuinely okay-seeming blokes actually managed to wind up in The Bachelorette finale, but good ol’ Lee turned out to be the most okay of all – after the show lead us the hell along that Matty J would walk away with Georgia Love’s heart. 

After a pretty fancy getaway to Singapore – and a number of usages of the word “smooth” that’d make Rob Thomas proud –  she tapped that soft-spoken fella over the suave marketing manager of ya dreams.

In truth, MJ and his infuriating shoulders opened the hell up to the Tassie lass earlier on in the piece, and those lovey-dovey vibes permeated their mini-vacay. His ability to express his feelings first made Lee seem as emotionally available as Osher Gunsberg is contractually obliged to be. 

Bell-ringin’, butterfly-touchin’, zip-linin’ goodness lead the pair to conclude what could just be one of the most genuine iterations of this bloody show. Still, Georgia found the most sincere emotions with Lee.

It was exactly like the heart-stomping finale to The Bachelor, and we’re not quite ready to forgive the show’s editing crew for fucking us over again, but seeing Georgia actually find happiness was… nice. We mean, we definitely feel nothing right now, but if we could quantify our emotions, they’d come across as “defeated support.”

Insane modelling rivalries are where it’s at. Still, happiness is chill, too. Maybe next time, we’ll get some of that happiness too.

Source and photo: Channel 10. 
Photo: The Bachelorette / Twitter.