Osher Günsberg’s Bondi Pad Is For Sale So You Can Learn His Wise Love Secrets

The Bachelor host and overall sweetheart Osher Günsberg is selling his Bondi apartment, giving fans and craven real estate speculators alike a rare chance to stand where the great man once stood.

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There’s one seven-figure caveat. The Wentworth Courier reports Günsberg is expecting to net around $1 million from the upcoming auction; Sydney homes don’t come cheap, and that goes double for split-level apartments a rose’s throw from the beach.

With all that said, let’s have a gander at the place. How many times do you think Günsberg stood on that warm patio, staring at the waves, wondering if he’d ever guide an astrophysicist through the mire of reality television?

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Did he ever stop halfway down these stairs, haunted the words “Honey Badger” wafting from somewhere just out of reach?

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Did he stare into these generously-proportioned mirrors, only to see a man who would facilitate dozens of on-air dumpings staring right back?

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Reckon he ever cut fucking sick on this electric drum kit?

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The dude has owned the single-bedroom property since 2006, but it’s almost doubled in value since then. Then there’s the rental income: Günsberg has reportedly been pocketing more than $730 a week from tenants.

Do you imagine his rental earnings and that free-to-air TV dollar enabled him to actually buy a Lambo, as suggested by this diagram?

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Much to consider.

The property, which sits on Gould Street, will open for a stack of inspections before the auction on August 27. If you want to have a geez. check out the details here.