Here’s How Much $$$ Our Favourite Nepo-Baby Rob Irwin Is Reportedly Paid For I’m A Celeb

When Channel Ten announced that the prince of Australian wildlife Robert Irwin would be filling in Dr Chris Brown‘s presumably large shoes on I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here, people went nuts. After all, who better to be parading around the jungle asking celebs to sit in vats full of snakes? And apparently, he’s being paid a pretty nice stack of cashola for the plum gig.

According to reports by Daily Mail Australia, the 19-year-old will pocket a cheeky cheque for almost half a million dollars. Considering it’s less than two months of work, that’s pretty bloody good.

The insider – who Daily Mail Australia claim to be a well-placed source at Channel 10 – said that he will earn $430,000 for a six-week stint on the show.

While it’s a pretty big sum, the source said Channel Ten isn’t concerned, and commented he is “worth every cent.”

“His pairing with the witty and ever-entertaining Julia Morris has all the makings of a dynamic duo, promising viewers an unforgettable experience,” they said.

robert irwin
(Image Source: Getty Images / Mark Metcalfe)

Honestly, I couldn’t agree more.

Rob Irwin is beloved by the entire country. If you ask me, he’s Australia’s most beloved nepo-baby and for good reason too. The way he carries on his dad’s legacy? The way he advocates for the protection of the environment and the animals within it? It’s enough to bring a bloody tear to your eye.

And to top it all off, he genuinely seems like a good guy. I love this new gig for him.

I’m not crying, you are. (Image Source: Getty Images / Axelle, Bauer-Griffin, FilmMagic)

Earlier this year, a bunch of salaries from contestants on I’m A Celeb were leaked. While Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins was rumoured to get around $300,000 for his appearance, and Kerri-Anne Kennerley apparently got $180,000 for spending barely any time in the jungle, most celebs reportedly get a sum between 35k and 90k.

Also, I hate to say we told ya so but back in September we wrote about the rumours that Rob would be the next host of I’m A Celeb.

Where there’s smoke there’s fire yada yada, etc etc.