3 More I’m A Celeb Contestants Have Been Revealed And One’s A MAFS Fan Fave W/ 500K On Insta

im a celeb cast revealed

Married At First Sight fan-favourite Domenica Calarco will be heading into the jungle for I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here 2023. Go off, queen! But let’s hope there are only paper cups available in the jungle…

The first three contestants were announced via social media on Sunday morning ahead of this season’s premiere later in the day.

Joining reality star-turned-influencer Dom will be TV personality Ian “Dicko” Dickson and actress Debra Lawrance, loved for her portrayal of Pippa on Home and Away and Rose on Please Like Me.

Earlier this week, Channel 10 announced the first celebrity to be cannonballed into the African jungle.

It was KIIS FM’s Woody Whitelaw!

(Credit: Instagram / I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here @ImacelebrityAU)

Last week I’m A Celeb hosts Dr Chris Brown and Julia Morris jumped on air with radio duo Will & Woody and announced that either Will McMahon or Woody Whitelaw would be going into the jungle. 

“We can officially reveal that either Will or Woody is going into the African jungle,” Chris said on air.

While the fellas played it like they had no bloody idea what was going on, they spent the rest of the week doing all sorts of bug-related challenges on air to determine who would be giving the jungle a crack.

In the end, Woody was the winner. Or the loser depending on how you view sharing your sleeping bag with bugs and the occasional snake.

“There are mixed emotions to be heading into the jungle. I’m obviously excited to be getting a free flight to South Africa and becoming best mates with some cool celebs, but there is also the reality of being away from my girls for an extended period of time,” Woody said.

“I haven’t been away from [his daughter] Rem for over three days since she was born, so I really don’t know how I’m going to handle that.”

With only a few more days to go until the premiere of the season, the only way to find out which other ballsy celebs are on the show is to follow the clues dropped on I’m A Celeb‘s Insta.

Here’s the rest of the clues

1. “A radio host who loves to kiss and tell.”

While we were hoping to see
 Kyle Sandilands munch on some cow testicles, we now know the celebrity related to this clue is Woody Whitelaw.

It feels really obvious now that we know who it is. I mean, Will and Woody even have a mural dedicated to their on-air smooch. Now THAT’S kissing and telling.

2. “A UK TV Star that is “shore” to stir up drama.”
Ah yes. It’s not the first time we’ve had a British TV star turn up in the jungle. In 2020 we watched as Charlotte Crosby from Geordie Shore had a cute lil’ fling with MAFS’ Ryan Gallagher. Then last year Joey Essex from the reality show The Only Way Is Essex blinded the cast with his pearly white veneers.

This time around, it’s got to be another Geordie Shore cast member. 

3. “A sporting legend who is the queen of the court.”
I am begging, nay, pleading that this clue isn’t referring to tennis legend and known homophobe Margaret Court. While my dream would be to see Aussie sporting hero Ash Barty kick ass in the jungle, she’s currently pregnant. I can’t imagine she’d be cool with the physically demanding challenges and sleeping outside amongst the creepy crawlies while preggers.

I’m hoping that tennis sweetheart Naomi Osaka could be giving the show a crack but don’t forget that the reference to a court could also mean basketball, netball or volleyball too.

4. “This Brownlow Medallist was a bit of a flyer.” 
Clearly, we’ve got a big shot AFL player on our hands. It’s always lovely to get to know these blokes away from the field.

With the full clue reading “Which AFL star will be making his mark in the African jungle?” fans think that it could be Adelaide Football Club’s Mark Ricciuto who won the Brownlow Medal in 2003. He shared the medal with Nathan Buckley, who was on the show last season.

5. “An outspoken TV host will be talent spotting in the African jungle.” 
I’m torn on this one. While many fans think it could be former Australian Idol judges Mark Holden or Ian “Dicko” Dickson. They’re not attached to a different network like the current judges are.

Others think it could be TV host and journalist Jessica Rowe who already has connections with Channel 10.  Especially since the clue specified “they have exit row written all over them.”

Update: another correct guess from us! Dicko is in the house, or rather, the jungle.

6. “Roll out the red carpet, television royalty is making a grand entrance into the African jungle.” 
Instantly, my mind went to Tracy Grimshaw who recently left her post on A Current Affair after 17 years. She’s definitely got a lot more time on her hands now and won’t have the contractual ties to the Nine Network.

But many fans think the royalty reference could mean Sarah Ferguson, The Duchess of York, who recently pushed back her speaking tour of Australia due to a “schedule clash.”

7. “A reality star will get a fright at first sight when they step foot in the African jungle.”
Clearly, we’ve got a Married At First Sight star ready for reality show round two! Because I’m petty, I hope that they put both Dominica Calarco and Olivia Fraser on the show. Maybe the experience will help the foes see eye to eye?

Update: God we’re good at this…

8. “It’ll be all hands on deck when a TV personality goes from the high seas to the African jungle.” 
This is my time to shine, folks. I am certain I’ve got this one in the bag.

As Australia’s biggest Below Deck fan, I’m positive this clue is referring to former chief stewardess and full-time legend Hannah Ferrier. Not only was Hannah one of the biggest and most divisive characters on yachting reality show Below Deck Mediterranean, but she also hosted Channel 10’s latest flop The Real Love Boat.

If it’s not Hannah (which look, I’m willing to bet big bucks it is) it’s got to be loveable Below Deck Down Under Chief Stewardess Aisha Scott. Either way, they’d both be a riot.

9. “This Logie winning legend of the stage and screen is no stranger to drama away from home.” 
Summer Bay may be beautiful but it’s nothing like the lush African jungle. There’s no question that this clue is pointing to someone from Aussie soap Home and Away. While there are plenty of actresses who have nabbed themselves a Logie during their time on the show, my top choice would be two-time gold Logie winner Georgie Parker. But if Georgie doesn’t want to snack on eyeballs for charity, my next best bet is actress and radio host Kate Ritchie.

Update: Okay, we didn’t guess Debra Lawrance but the streak had to come to an end some time!

10. “This celebrity chef has mastered the art of making an exotic snack.”
I bet the other celebs were cheering when Channel 10 announced there would be a celebrity chef heading into the jungle. After all, someone needs to make the rations taste somewhat palatable.

My best bet is that Masterchef Australia‘s Jock Zonfrillo or Andy Allen.

11. “This former international Wallaby is no stranger to South Africa but how will he tackle the critters in the jungle over Springboks on the field?”
I may know nothing about rugby union but I’m pretty this celeb is going to be a player who has played for the Wallaby’s against South Africa’s rugby union team, The Springboks.

As a reality TV girlie, my first thought went to Nick “Honeybadger” Cummins who not only played for the Wallaby’s but was the leading man on Season Six of The Bachelor.

12. “A comedian walks into the jungle and is sure to share more than a tight five.” 
I feel like each season needs a comedian to add some giggles to the show. My best bet is Tommy Little. The comedian and radio host already has connections to Channel 10 and I’d love to see his antics in between challenges. But with the exact same logic, fans of the show suspect it could be Dave Hughes or Peter Helliar.

13. “This footy host with a killer kick will be looking for an advantage. With an infectious laugh, they’re bound to have the camp is stitches without even trying.”
As a newly minted NRL girlie, my mind went straight to former North Queensland Cowboys player Jonathan Thurston. He’s known for his goal kicking abilities and is even a three-time recipient of the Golden Boot Award. I don’t entirely know all the details but that sounds pretty impressive, don’t you think?

Also, you often see Jonathan having a giggle on the NRL Footy Show so I reckon we’re kicking goals with this guess.

14. “Ready to put up a fight for the jungle crown, this Olympic medallist is South Africa bound.” 
I felt like we were going strong with the last clue but this one has me stumped. According to the very clever fans on Twitter and Instagram, the strongest guess for this clue is Australian Olympic lightweight boxer Harry Garside.

Harry competed at the 2020 Summer Olympics where he took home a bronze medal. His medal marked the first time in three decades that Australia received a medal in boxing. HUGE!

That’s all we know so far but keep a close eye on the I’m A Celeb Insta for more clues.

What’s new this season?

Now that COVID-19 travel restrictions have been lifted, the I’m A Celeb is heading back to the Kruger National Park in South Africa and returning to its original live format, much to the delight of the hard-core fans.

Ken Doll-esque vet Dr Chris Brown and everyone’s favourite aunt Julia Morris are back hosting the show for the ninth season, but sadly, it’s the last time we’ll see Chris on the show.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, Brown revealed that after fulfilling his commitments on I’m A Celeb, he’ll be moving back to Channel Seven where his career began.

So enjoy Brown and Morris’ witty repartee while it lasts, folks.