I’m A Celeb Winner Skye Wheatley Reportedly Had A Secret Deal That Helped Her Take Out The Crown

Skye Wheatley and Callum Hole on I'm A Celeb Australia with text reading: wait, was this whole thing rigged

Influencer Skye Wheatley was crowned the I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! winner on Sunday night, earning $100,000 for her charity Bully Zero.

She beat Callum Hole and Tristan MacManus in the finale, with Skye genuinely shocked that she’d made it to the end.

“This is the best… I feel blessed to have this opportunity and have gone through all the things I’ve gone through,” she said. 

Skye Wheatley on I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here
Skye Wheatley was crowned the I’m A Celeb winner on Sunday night. (Image: Channel 10)

However, the former Big Brother star was predicted to take the win last week, after an insider close to the show alleged Skye was promised she’d be one of the finalists.

“Skye was hesitant at first about signing up for the gruelling challenge. However she was promised a good shot at winning and making it to the finale,” the source told Daily Mail.

“The opportunity was too golden to pass up.”

Other I’m A Celeb contestants had “special arrangements”

The production source also claimed that Malcolm In The Middle star Frankie Muniz was required to stay in the jungle for at least three weeks as part of his contract.  

“Frankie was keen to make his exit as soon as his agreed time was up, eager to swap the jungle’s hardships for comfort,” the insider said. 

Denise Drysdale was also supposed to receive “certain advantages” and “a spot in the finale”, but this didn’t play out on air. Denise ended up being the first campmate to exit the jungle.

Tristan MacManus, Skye Wheatley and Callum Hole on I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!
The finale was action-packed. (Image: Channel 10)

I’m A Celeb fans turn on Skye Wheatley

While Skye was supported by a large number of I’m A Celeb fans, there were a bunch who were disappointed that Tristan didn’t come out on top.

“Of course she won, she has a gazillion followers. People with followers like this should not be on shows where the outcome is decided by the voting public,” one person wrote.

“This show is rigged and this just proves it,” another added.

“Should have been Tristan. She did well in all trials! But love Tristan, a wonderful dad,” a third pointed out.

“I’m a little sad as I’m a huge Tristan MacManus fan and was hoping he would be king of the jungle,” another remarked.

Whether Skye won on her own merit or had a little help, I’m still low-key stoked that she finally managed to win a reality show. It can be Tristan’s turn next!