Cancer Monthly Horoscope: April 2024

Your Cancer monthly horoscope is ready for your perusal, my water sign friend!

ICYMI: Going forward, we’ll be serving up monthly horoscopes and each sign will get its own whole-ass article so we can do a full-on deep dive into what you can expect for the month ahead.

The spicy star sign tea will be penned by yours truly, Matt Galea — AKA PTV’s Managing Editor and resident astrologer. You’ll remember me from our previous horoscope series Your Horos Are Here. We took a break last year (and in that time I wrote an astrology book How To Spot The (Star) Signs, which is out now!), but we’re back with a fun new format and I hope you love every bit of it!

So without further ado, here’s the Cancer April 2024 horoscopes!

Oh, while I have ya: if you’d like to see what your loved one has in store next month, their horoscope can be found here

Cancer April Horoscopes 2024

(June 21 – July 2022)

Cancer horoscope


If you get invited to a party or event this month, please, for the love of god, say YES! Even if you’re busy, even if you don’t know anyone going, even if you’d rather curl up under the covers and hide from the world in your Cancerian shell. Especially around April 21, as luck planet Jupiter hits your zone of togetherness and the opportunity to meet an exciting new person and form new connections intensifies.


Uh oh, looks like the impending Mercury Retrograde is gonna hit ya right where it hurts: at werk. Make sure ya triple check everything to avoid making silly mistakes and whatever ya do, be sure to avoid petty squabbles in the workplace. Aries Season will have you tempted to lash out — please don’t!


Now is a good time to realign with your goals and set intentions for the rest of the year. We’re barrelling towards Cancer Season (AKA your birthday) and you just know you’re gonna be feeling all mushy and introspective. Don’t send yourself into a tizz trying to smash out the goals you’d set for yourself before your age ticked over into a new number. Just appreciate where you are and start working towards where you hope to be.

Important astrology dates for April 2024

Mercury Retrograde in Aries

Monday April 1, 2024 — Thursday April 25, 2024

You know the drill: check all risky texts, allow extra time for travel, don’t sign anything, etc etc. Here’s a guide to surviving Mercury Retrograde, if that helps.

Solar Eclipse in Aries

April 8, 2024

Expect a shake-up not just in your love zone, but with all your relationships. You’re almost a year older and your needs and wants are changing. Don’t be ashamed of them, just be sure to communicate what you need from those around you and be willing to compromise and meet them halfway.

Taurus Season begins

April 20, 2024

Aside from their stubbornness, Taureans are known for their penchant for naps and snacks. I know, I know, literally everyone on earth loves naps and snacks, but the bull sign is most affiliated with taking it easy and chilling out. So as their energy radiates through the atmosphere for the next month, take a leaf out of their book and enjoy some downtime and pampering.

Anyway, that’s it from me! Be sure to check back for your monthly Cancer horoscope when May draws closer.

Matt Galea is PTV’s Managing Editor and resident astrologer. He recently released his first book titled How To Spot The (Star) Signs. You can find him on Instagram and TikTok.