Kmart Is Jumping On The Y2K Fashion Trend With This Nostalgic Range Of Noughties-Inspired ‘Fits

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Kmart has finally given the girlies what they want and released a Y2K women’s clothing range. While they might not have any Bratz Dolls or clear PVC backpacks in neon colours yet, they do have mini butterfly hair clips, cargo pants and baby t-shirts.

I never thought as an adult that the things I thought were ‘cool’ as a seven-year-old would be fashionable, but here we are. And honestly, I appreciate the work that gen Z are doing to bring back fashion trends from a time when the internet was new and exciting, and we had no idea what technology would look like going into the future.

So, now that the Y2K trend has well and truly settled in, Kmart has joined the chat and made a whole range of women’s clothes paying homage to the trend. And, in a classic Kmart move, nothing in the range is over $30.

Here are some of our fave Y2K women’s clothes and accessories that you can shop at Kmart.

Cargo Pants

kmart women's clothes

A Y2K staple that, in my humble opinion, should never have gone out of style, cargo pants. The skinny jeans and tight-fitting jeggings of the 2010s might have been cool, but my god they were uncomfortable. These Kmart cargo pants, on the other hand, are nothing but comfy — and they have pockets.

Short Raglan Sleeve Baby T-shirt

If your pants are baggy, then a tiny top is a must. This $8 baby t-shirt is cute and simple, and the raglan sleeves give it a sporty vibe that’s perf for your next lunchtime spring outing with mates.

Sleeveless Ruched Tube Top

kmart women's clothes

Back in the 2000s, tube tops and people with big boobs were mortal enemies. But since then, strapless bras have come a long way. This tube top from Kmart is not only cute but as a member of the big titty committee, I feel like I could pull this off easily without any wardrobe malfunctions.

Crochet Mini Dress

Y2K was an era of maximalism, and you don’t get more maximalist than a whole crocheted dress. Imagine being a teenager in the early 2000s and asking your nan to crochet you a dress from scratch. Y2K me would have paired this with a chunky belt, platform slides and the biggest hoop earrings you’ve ever laid eyes on. It’s fashion, baby.

Sleeveless True Knit Open Knit Top

kmart women's clothes

Speaking of crochet, this spaghetti strap knit top is too cute. It comes in beige and khaki green, so you can live your best neutral-coloured life. It’s giving maximum spring vibes and we’re here for it.

Long Sleeve Openweave Shrug

If you want to take your sleeveless knit top from day to night, or just want to create some interesting lines in your outfit, you can get this matching mini shrug. The long sleeves contrasting with the cropped singlet is *chef’s kiss*.

Satin Maxi Skirt

kmart women's clothes

Be the Y2K girl next door with this 90s-inspired satin skirt. Adorned with a cute slit up the side, this skirt comes in black or white with a dainty blue floral pattern. So chic. They’ve even made a satin dress with the same floral pattern for good measure.

Denim Bandeau Dress

Cast your mind back to the 2001 AMAs and you’ll remember the most iconic look from that awards show — Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake’s matching denim ‘fits. I don’t care what anyone says, it was an absolute slay and now Kmart is giving us the opportunity to have our own denim moment with this Y2K nostalgia-fuelled denim dress.

Sleeveless Luxe Halter Top

kmart women's clothes

Everything from the baby blue colour to the tie-up spaghetti straps of this halter top is screaming Y2K. Pair it with a maxi skirt and a cropped denim jacket and you’ll be living in the 2000s. This is an absolute slay for women’s clothes — thank you, Kmart.

Mesh Maxi Skirt & Short Sleeve Mesh T-shirt

Paris Hilton called, she wants her colour palette back. Everything from the softly sheer mesh to the subtly textured hem, and the summer surf design is giving us nostalgia for a simpler time. The best thing about this skirt is that it comes with a matching top.

Parachute Pants

kmart women's clothes

I literally went out to Kmart and bought a pair of these pants last night. They were calling my name and I couldn’t resist. Something about baggy khaki pants with 4 separate pockets just does it for me. I feel like I could be the fifth member of The Cheetah Girls in these parachute pants.

Sleeveless Satin Tie Front Top

In this house, we love satin. This cute little number comes in gold, black, baby blue and floral white and we will be buying one in every colour. For $15 it’s an absolute bargain and is going to be a staple in your spring and summer wardrobe.

Butterfly Mini Hair Clips

kmart women's clothes

Finally, some good fucking Y2K accessories. People complain about stepping on Lego all the time, but if you ever stepped on one of these spiky boys you’ve felt your soul leave your body. But as we all know, beauty is pain, and this 10-pack of mini butterfly clips is going for $5 at Kmart. They’re the cherry on top, the icing on the cake, the je ne sais quoi, if you will. No Y2K look can be made worse by adding a mini butterfly clip. Peak nostalgia.

If you want to shop the entire range of women’s clothes at Kmart, you can check it out here.

Lead image credit: Kmart